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MO: Astray is among the top-rated side-scrolling mystery games for Steam. MO: Astray modifies the classic platform game and adds a new layer of difficulty and complexity to it. MO: Astray uses the very advanced technology that has been introduced in Windows Vista.

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MO: Astray modifies

MO: Astray modifies the classic pixel-based platform game and adds a new layer of complexity and danger to it. MO: Astray utilizes the best features of the classic pixel-based platform games. It gives you the same style of procedural generation that was present in the old versions of the game but now introduces you to a whole new level of depth.

Coolest features

MO: Astray uses some of the coolest features of the Android platform. It includes the ability to use the HTC Sense applications on your mobile phones as a mobile gaming platform. This allows you to play puzzle games even on your desktop computers such as desktops or laptops. The only problem is that playing MO: Astray on your android phone is quite difficult due to the poor viewing angle of most of the mobile screens. Fortunately, there is screen capture application that can rectify this problem.

Sound effects

MO: Astray utilizes the cutting edge technology of pixel-based sound effects. Although they may be a tad bit hard to view due to the small screen of your mobile device, the sound effects are quite impressive. You will surely notice the amazing sound effects as you move through the stages of the game and the enemies that attack you.

Speed mode

MO: Astray also includes an interesting and unique challenge-based system. In the game, you can choose to play with three different game modes, namely, Normal, Speed mode, and Endless mode. In the normal game mode, you have to defeat all the targets within a time limit. You can easily defeat challenges by going down the levels while mastering each one of them.

Correct location

If you want to increase the intensity of the challenges in the game, you can always opt for the Endless mode. In this mode, you have to eliminate the target as fast as you can without taking any damage. You also need to carefully select the correct location in order to locate your target.

The goal is to overcome all of the pitfalls that appear on the screen as you travel through the vast galaxy on the planet called MO: Astray. There are several such pitfalls including the ice cave, poison asteroid, and the alien parasitic worm.

Impressive graphics

If you are an avid fan of MO: Astray and if you have played the original puzzle games, you would definitely love playing this brand new game version. It offers several positive reviews from android users where most of them opine that they are really enjoying playing this game on their android mobile phones.

Music associated

These positive reviews are not surprising when we see the impressive graphics, addictive game mechanics and catchy music associated with the title. It is a real pleasure to discover such high-quality games having nice and appealing interfaces that makes them suitable for playing on mobiles.


You have a limited number of lives in this exciting Android game. If you do not manage to save your spacecraft from the clutches of the villain, your journey comes to an abrupt end. It is not possible for you to fly away with your craft without first earning enough credits.

This is where the interest in this game increases as you start earning credits as you conquer challenge after challenge. It is truly a delightful experience to explore the mysteries surrounding this pleasant and engaging puzzle game that comes free with your selected mobile phone.

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