Mini Militia Apk (MOD Features Unlocked)

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If you are fond of playing free shooting games, Mini Militia is the game for you. This game allows you to choose between two versions, the regular version and the limited version. Both the versions have the same game play and basically the same story. The only difference that you will notice is that in the limited version, the mini militaries will be more deadly and powerful than the regular ones.

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Mini Militia

Mini Militias can be acquired once you purchase the unlimited mod for Counter Strike. This will add a new character to your arsenal, and they are really good at dealing out the pain on opposing teams. However, if you just want to be a good tank, then go with the regular version. There is an infinite nitro version of Mini Militia available as an app for phones.

Mini Militia App

You do not need an internet connection for the Mini Militia app to work. It can be played on any mobile device, even tablets and smart phones. Just like the other games in the series, the free version of the mod will let you see the newest soldiers being added to your army. As in the case of the standard version, you are to choose which army you want to play as and continue the action from there.

Free Version

The free version of the mod has battle points and challenges which help you advance to higher ranks. The advanced version has even more challenges and battle points, and they can only be mastered by earning points through doing good deeds. There are also some rewards to be won when you win battles. Doodle 2 is a free mod for Counter Strike that unlocks the ability to use the Doodler 2 stylus. There is also an application for the iPhone and Android devices.


If you are wondering what exactly a hacked apk is, here is a definition: An application downloaded from the internet which contains spyware, adware or malware. Hacked apk contains the same types of things. The only difference is that it has been uploaded on various websites, including the ones used by the military, and is therefore open to the public.

Modified Version

You download this modified version of the game and install it on your cellphone or tablet. As you fight in the battle grounds, you can earn credits which you can exchange for money, equipment and other gifts. In the free version of the mod, you have to hack into the computer to access the hacked apk.

Unlimited Ammo

In the free version of Mini Militant, you will learn how to use the Doodler 2 stylus which you will use to hack into the computer and obtain unlimited ammo, helmets and other equipment. This is done by downloading the code from the Internet. To unlock the unlimited ammo, you have to purchase the upgrades from the shop which requires some money. Other than that, the mini mortar and sub machine guns are also available in the shop which can be used by purchasing them individually.

Install The Update

When you purchase these items from the shop, you will find a notice stating that there is an update required. It will then ask you to download and install the update. In order to do this, you have to connect your cellphone or tablet to your computer via USB cable and open the Facebook or Twitter apps on your mobile device.

On the top left corner, you will see three bars that look like the Facebook or Twitter icons. Tap on each of them in order to update your mini militia app. When the installation is completed, you will then be able to start playing the hack.


Mini Militant gives you the option to select which weapons you want to use in the combat. To help you get started with the game, there is an assortment of tutorials that will guide you to complete different missions and eventually help you earn money as well as acquire new weapons.


The tutorial on the bottom right corner gives you instructions on how to hack into certain buildings in order to steal data and other vital information that will help you defeat your opponents. You have unlimited ammo and do not have to worry about the maps unlocked because once you’ve defeated the initial boss, the maps are unlocked for you to play all the time.

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