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Doodle army 2 or Mini Militia is a well known online multiplayer browser game. When you play, you’ll certainly be hooked to it quickly. It has a very classic 2D game style where a man is just surviving in an uncharted jungle and on several maps. You can also change weapons and clothes with the mouse buttons. The other players can also see your gear in the mini-map so you can easily hide it if necessary. In short, this game can really bring a lot of fun for all who play.

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Mini Militia

What makes Mini Militia a favorite among other games? Some have pointed out that it has some elements of real military training and strategy, while others think that its fun and easy. If you look at its stats, the game uses some real tactics from the game such as controlling enemy soldiers, attacking objectives, building up supply points and using battle points to get credits. These tactics could be applied in real life battles, giving the game an element of reality.

Practice Mode

Mini Militant has several versions for different devices. You can choose any of them to enjoy game and practice with them. In fact, you can also use them in standalone version as a practice mode. You can use your favorite settings and enjoy game without worrying about crashing or freezing. Just download them from our site and check if they work in your smartphone or tablet.

Mini Militia Mod

Although you will spend some time in the tutorial part, learning how to control the mini militia mod apk is quite easy. Just wait for the screen to turn green and you can now start playing the death match. To win the game, you must wipe out your opponents before they reach certain level.

Earn Credits

Since you are required to do some quests to earn credits and weapons, you must choose some of the best weapons to kill your opponents with. Mini Militant includes a selection of assault rifles, pistols and knives to help you kill your opponent quick and easy. The mini version of this popular multiplayer flash game has two difficulty levels, allowing players of all ages to enjoy the game.

GPRS Network

When you install the mini militia mod apk on your smartphone or tablet, you can play this game either through Wi-Fi or GPRS network. If you connect to Wi-Fi, you would love to enjoy a great game since you don’t have to install any extra applications or plug-ins. On the other hand, if you use GPRS, it would allow you to access the game directly through your browser by connecting to a cell phone tower. No matter what type of device you use, this game will surely give you a great time.

Merciless Attackers

This is one of the most exciting games that allow you to play as the resistance against the merciless attackers. Mini militia mods can be downloaded from the official Google Play Store for free and you can also enjoy them at no cost through some third party apps. Some of these apps have free trials so you can download and experience the different versions before deciding on which one you would like to use. The most common types of freebies that come with these free mods include airplane skins, game boosters, text chat emoticons, and more.


This popular multiplayer gunfight game is both thrilling and full of action. You can choose between different playing modes such as the regular battle where you engage in single player or versus mode. Mini militia was made especially for Android devices and provides an excellent alternative to playing console-based role-playing war games. So what are you waiting for? Install this exciting mod on your Android phone now!

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