Doodle Army Mini Militia 3 APK (MOD Features Unlimited Energy and Gold)

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Doodle Army Mini Militaire is one of the most challenging games that are available for your mobile device. One of the best things about this game is that you don t consume too much space in your mobile device. Another great thing about this game is it is also a multiplayer game so even if you are playing it on your mobile, you can still play it with a maximum of six players and use wifi. However, some users might have a problem while downloading Doodle Army Mini Militaire. So, below I have provided few tips to fix this problem.

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Firstly, if you want to download any app, always verify the validity of the website. Many websites might be selling fake or illegal apps which can harm your mobile device. Some of the websites also might be stealing your private information like credit card numbers, social security numbers etc. So, make sure that you are downloading the game from a trusted site.

Mini Militia 3

Secondly, it s advisable that you are not downloading doodle army three mini military app from the unknown sources. You can search for these unknown sources using any search engine. If you don t find any decent website then it is better you move on. You can simply look for doodle army mini government version and you will get the authentic app.

Old Versions

Thirdly, it s advisable that you don t try to uninstall old versions of apps. It is quite simple. Just tap on the’manage app” icon and then click on the option ‘uninstall’. Here you will receive a list of available uninstall options and you should choose the least number of versions that you want to uninstall.

App Store

Fourthly, you should not try to download games from pay apps sites. Many people think that such apps are the same as the free apps. However, this is not true. Paid apps are restricted and it is only possible for the developer to sell the games to the consumers through a pay app store.

Loading Process

Last but not least, you should not attempt to load the doodle military 2 mini free download if you have IE9 installed on your PC. This is because the IE9 will block the loading process of the app completely. To work around this problem, you can simply open up the Windows Sidebar and click Tools then Select Internet Explorer.

IE Version

Finally, it s advisable that you don t try to install the Doodle Army Mini Militia 3 free download if you are still using the IE version of internet explorer. This is because the version of IE that is present in the hands of millions of people will not support the mod features available in the doodle army game. So, the better option is to install the latest version of IE. This will prevent you from getting pop ups when you attempt to play this game.

Load The Game

Once you have installed the Doodle Army Mini Militia 3, you should be able to load the game. You should also be able to switch between the two teams easily. The loading process of the game should be very fast. If there are any problems with the loading process, just wait for a few seconds and the game should load successfully. You should also be able to launch the doodle army 3 free download by clicking on the “Play Doodle Army Mini Militia 3” link.

Multiplayer Server

You should note that this is an online game and therefore you will not be able to join a multiplayer server. The good thing about the game is that you are able to play games for long periods without having to connect to anyone. You can also continue playing the game even when you lose your connection to the server because the download doodle army 3 apk file is always retrievable. You can always get another one if you want to.

Popular Tricks

One of the most popular tricks in the Doodle Army is the change of costumes. You will not have any problem joining the other players because you can change your costumes at anytime. You will not need to use a download play to be able to do this trick. You will be prompted by a pop up screen before you start playing the game so you will not have to be worried about logging into a multiplayer server.


The final tip for you to master the survival of the doodle army 3 game is to create a save point at all times. When you are in the middle of a game and something goes wrong you would not want to lose your progress. Since you will be given free doodle templates, you can always give your favorite one a try. The color and style options are also available in this free app and you will not have any problems choosing the best design that suits you. If you think you are already a master of this app, you can keep the other apps for free.

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