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Millet Shootout is a new free app that is a stand-alone version of Millet Defense. It takes the concept of Millet Defense and combines it with a very nice interface. For this project, James Jones took the concept he had developed for another game in the “Moonscape” series and applied it to the Millet Defense game.

Millet Defense is an action/adventure type game where you defend castles by building walls to protect them from waves of attackers. You do this by making tiles into walls which are made out of blocks.

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Coolest features

One of the coolest features in this version is that you can play along with other players through an internet multiplayer mode. In fact, you can even use this as your modern combat strategy game playing against others in split screen on your smartphone.


In the free version of Millet Shootout Battlegrounds Android you have to be connected to the internet in order to play against other players and if you’re playing against the computer, you only have a small amount of time to complete each level.

Customize your character

Since this is not your normal tower defense game where you have to put up with an AI who constantly creeps up on you and attacks without warning, you can actually customize your character and build your defenses accordingly.

The Marksman

There are four classes that you can choose from: the Marksman, the Technician, the Scout, and the Recon Specialist. Each class has its own weapons and abilities, so they’re balanced well against each other.

Troop movements

The combat in Millet Shootout Battlegrounds is divided into two phases. First is the Control Phase, which is your ability to direct your attacks on your enemies by targeting specific key areas of their troop movements. During this phase of the game, you can also call your friends to your side.

The second phase of combat is the Attack Phase. In here, you must strategically attack the enemy to completely wipe them out in just one turn of the battle.


Since Millet Shootout Battlegrounds has a very fast pace, you’ll find yourself playing it for nearly an hour everyday. In addition, you get to use a number of cool features.

You can customize your character according to your preference, and see other players battle it out for dominance over the various flags in the game. You can also invite your friends to pit their skills against yours in the Millet Shootout multiplayer.

Additional ammo

The player known as JoJo, is the first to construct the Flag of JoJo in the Millet Shootout. Players are then free to build the rest of the flags in the game to up their own statistics. These flags range from the simple ones, such as the blue flag, to the more complex ones, such as the four-pane wall, the red three-pane wall, the white flag, and the yellow flag.


There are other features available for players who would like to improve their score, too. For example, the player may purchase an additional ammo or a mortar, and increase the chance that they score the maximum hit every time they play.

Combat weapon

There are some weapons in the game as well. One is the “Jogo Na”, which is a hand-to-hand combat weapon used primarily for close encounters. The other weapon, the “Parasol”, is a hand-held device used to soften the impact of a blow or a missile strike.

New weapons

There are many other features available, and each player will find something that suits them best as they continue to battle through the Millet Shootout. In addition, new weapons are added periodically, and those players who have already purchased the game will be notified when new additions become available.

Correct weapon

There are some things that players will want to keep in mind as they progress through the Millet Shootout Battlegrounds. For example, players will want to ensure that they purchase the correct weapon, as this will determine just how much damage they can do with it.


They also will need to stay out of harm’s way, as their lack of stamina will cause them to fall prey to enemy fire. Finally, the last strategy tip is to be sure that they do not get surrounded by enemies, because if so, then it is much more difficult for them to win.

Although there are other ways for players to score points and win the game, the Millet Shootout is a great place for any player to start. With the right weapons, a little strategy, and plenty of patience, any player will have the opportunity to dominate the battlefield in Millet Shootout Battlegrounds.

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