Metal Slug Attack Apk [September-2022] [Mod Features Ultimate AP/Skill]

Metal Slug Attack Mod Apk – Download Latest Version

Download the metal slug attack mod apk to play this amazing game of strategy. It’s among the most popular 2D games that come with all the top features available to give you an enjoyable gaming experience. The game has more than 1 million players with four-plus stars. So what are you sitting for?

The features from Metal Slug Attack APK

Easy control

“METAL SLUG ATTACK” The most recent installment in the amazing game series by SNK PLAYMORE is a pinnacle security game that has basic controls that anyone with 2D spot pixel characters will enjoy. They fight and move around one another quickly! Furthermore, the recently added “Emotionally connected network” highlight will provide players with more advanced systems and, surprisingly even more enjoyable!

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A plethora of missions

“METAL SLUG Attack” includes a variety of missions that are suitable for a broad variety of players, thanks to its “Assault!” game mode where players have to clear army facilities that are owned by Morden’s Armies like the “P.O.W. Salvage”, “Battle SCHOOL” or “Expedition” game modes.

Enhance your Units

Find things throughout your missions, and then use them to improve your primary Units. Let them grow, build up or demonstrate their capabilities by equipping your Units with items such as! We can try to create the most stunning as well as a powerful unit!

Worldwide fights

In addition to that, in the “Ongoing Battle” mode, which can be played and enjoyed by four players at a time up to six decks can compete in non-concurrent battles! You can take on every one of your opponents and improve your skills to become the most effective player in the World!

You can play in the middle with your comrades who are loyal

Combat in center missions with your faithful companions in”Social forces “Society Raid” and “Special forces” game modes. Also, communicate with them using the options for visiting and mail. Be sure to fully enjoy “METAL SLUG ATACK” with the best friends you can find!


Unlimited Amount: You can utilize it to search for free things, weapons, or devices within this online game. AP will not decrease regardless of whether or not your AP balance is at zero.

no-skill cooldown You are able to use the experience without waiting to cool down. If you do your adversaries will also profit from this MOD element. You must eliminate them fast before they have the chance to take on them.

ads-free: It is possible to turn off the group while playing METAL SUG ATTACK and the game will pop up. Video advertisements have been cut.

Download METAL SUG ATTACK MOD APK on Android

If you’re in search of games that can give you an enjoyable time during your leisure time, METAL SLUG ATTACK is perfect. It’s light in its interactivity, engaging graphics, and awe-inspiring designs of targets to complete. The game below is the very initial and the MOD APK version that the game. It is free and you are able to follow the instructions to download and start playing now!

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