Metal Force PvP Battle-Cars and Tank Games Online Mod Apk (MOD Features No Reload)

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Metal Force: PvP Battle-Cars and Tank Games Online are free-to-play browser games based on the popular Metal Force franchise. The game has a story all its own and it tells the dark tale of robotics warfare. The player takes on the role of one of the characters in the game who is based on the movie of the same name

This is a standalone game so there are no connections between Metal Force: PvP Battle-Cars and Tank Games Online and any other game. So what sets this game apart? Let’s find out.

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Cars and Tank

Unlike most other browser games, which have no visual content, Metal Force: PvP Battle-Cars and Tank Games Online has a nice little bit of visual content that flashes across your screen. This includes a nice bit of background music as well as a series of cinematic-like cut scenes. These contain all sorts of special effects including some that really blow you away.


As for the storyline, it is a straight forward one with you taking on the role of one of the characters. You then have to defend your base from waves of enemy vehicles while you do battle with the opposing faction’s bots. Other players can help you by providing you with beams, machine guns, and other items. They also join your cause against the bots as well.

The actual game play is very smooth. The action is fluid and the controls are easy to master. The action never gets too repetitive as you will be fighting off a variety of different enemy classes, each with their own special weapons and abilities.

Extra rewards

There is also an option to play with up to four players. This gives each player a chance to develop relationships with other players as they battle it out for the victory. It would be a great way to get together with other guilds or perhaps even earn some extra rewards or recognition.


Metal Force: PvP Battle-Cars has some challenges in store for you. The first is earning enough credits to buy the different vehicles. Some of them are costly and others are not very powerful. You’ll want to gather the most money you can before you purchase them. Using the money earned to power up your vehicle is also a good strategy. This helps you get the most benefit out of your credits as well.


Of course, earning the money to buy these vehicles is only the first challenge. You must also survive many battles on the battlefield. The game does have several tips that will help you survive combat. For instance, you are warned to avoid being caught out by your opponent’s vehicles as they might immobilize yours. Knowing when to retreat is also important as it will allow you to regroup and continue the fight against your opponent.


There is quite a bit of popularity for Metal Force: PvP Battle-Cars, which is likely due to the fun factor. This online game certainly lives up to its name and is a lot of fun. Try it out and see if you enjoy it. If you do, you might want to check out some of the other games available such as Metal Force: Heroes, Force Frenzy, and Maximum Victory. You should be able to find plenty of games online that are similar to this one.


As with any game worth playing, there is a competitive and cooperative element in Metal Force: PvP Battle-Cars. You can either play the single-player game or the co-op game. The single-player game will let you earn credits to use to purchase the different vehicles. You can earn credits through doing certain tasks such as winning a battle or escaping from prison. The more credits you have, the easier it becomes to buy the vehicles.


The multiplayer aspect of Metal Force: PvP Battle-Cars allows up to four players to participate. You’ll need to select a server in which to compete. There will be an icon on the bottom right corner of your screen, letting you know which server you’re going to compete on.

You will also get a score icon that you can see on your screen. Your score will depend on the other players, so make sure to try to get close to the players on your team so you can get a good score.


As you can see, Metal Force: PvP Battle-Cars has a lot to offer for players who like a real action role-playing game. The single-player game is entertaining too. However, if you want something a bit bigger in scale, you should look into the co-op game. It is quite fun to play with a group of friends. I highly recommend this game if you happen to like car games with a lot of in-depth car customizations.

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