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Metal Brave Arena 76 is an exciting-looking, free Android game that lets you battle robots in an ultimate combat scenario. If you’re looking for something challenging and with a bit more strategy to it, then this game is the right one for you.

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Series of missions

You’ll need to build your own base, choose a series of missions, and then engage in combat with enemy robots. The storyline is futuristic and follows a group of military recon soldiers who stumble upon a mysterious space ship containing a massive arsenal. They need to arm the ship with top-quality weapons in order to defend it from the oncoming enemy.

Opponent’s positions

To play Metal Brave Arena 76, you will need the Metal Brave Arena 76 android app. The Android program lets you use your own device to access the game. It lets you see the in-game world as though you were in command of the real life scenario. You can see your opponent’s positions, learn about their weapons, read their commands, and execute them accordingly. Plus, you can also take a sneak peek at the game’s high score system.

Powerful machines

The main features of Metal Brave Arena 76 are its single-player gameplay and its exciting arcade style combat. In single-player mode, you have to find the entrances to the base and defend them against waves of robots sent from another dimension. As you fight your way through the base, you will encounter many powerful machines as well as numerous defense pods that are defending the base itself.

Enemy machines

The player’s objective is to destroy all enemy machines, rescue the civilians trapped inside, and retrieve the primary weapons in order to win. The secondary objectives include collecting parts for the primary weapons, acquiring upgrades for your machine, and learning how to fly the robot.

Computer-generated enemies

Unlike some other fighting games, the single-player mode in Metal Brave Arena 76 isn’t just about trying to beat the computer-generated enemies. You can actually use the machine to execute special maneuvers and surprise attacks on your opponents.

Basic moves

The game comes with a tutorial that teaches you the basic moves and techniques as well as the primary and secondary weapons. In this single-player mode, you should be wary of enemy attacks as well as the factors that influence the rate of fire and accuracy of your machine.

Main features

The main features of Metal Brave Arena 76 include its exciting arcade style combat and its exciting single-player action game play. In this single-player mode, you are to defend the base from the offense of machines armed with both primary and secondary weapons.


Defense pods

Once the defense pods enter the battle field, you must use your machine to attack the enemy pods until they are destroyed. You must defend the base using either its own machine guns or primary weapons and the secondary weapons are only used as a last resort.

Brave Arena

You can download metal brave arena 76 apk files onto your machine to enjoy Metal Brave Arena in its full form. This will allow you to connect online to play the game at any time you like without having to continuously log in. Once you have downloaded metal brave 76 apk onto your android device, you should connect to the game through an internet browser window. When you see a prompt for inserting your user ID and password, simply follow the instructions provided.


Once you have successfully installed the Metal Brave Arena 76 apk file on your android device, you will need to register it in the Play Store. Visit the official Google Play Store and look for the apk file. Follow the onscreen instructions to register the Metal Brave Arena apk file. Once you have successfully registered the Metal Brave Arena apk file, it will be available for you to use.


The Metal Brave Arena 76 app does not take a lot of memory from your phone’s memory. The size of the graphics within the game is quite small. If you plan on downloading this game, you should have no problem storing quite a few episodes so that you can play the game on a frequent basis. If you ever had trouble downloading games from your computer to your phone, the Play Store offers an application that allows you to access the Android marketplace from your phone.

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