Merge Magic Apk (Mod Features Game Play)

Merge Magic is an addictive game on the Facebook platform. It takes players through an enchanted virtual world, where they have to use their imagination in order to solve puzzles and fight enemies.

Merge Magic! will definitely bring gamers into a magical realm full of mystical secrets, and a complex system of mind-boggling puzzles. Classic games that belong to this puzzle genre have always been a favorite for many players. They provide a simple way of engaging an idle mind and can be enjoyed alone or alongside other users.

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Merge Dragons APK

Merge Magic Apk

The first phase of the game involves the player merging magic powers with different creatures from the land of Morgoth. Each creature has its own special skill or power, and one has to use these wisely in order to win the game. The player also has unlimited access to the curse words, which are special abilities possessed by some creatures that are exclusive to them.

These words activate various special abilities or actions, allowing the players to deal with more complicated situations and take down more powerful foes.

Intriguing Feature

A very intriguing feature of the Merge Magic! series is that there are powerful items available only after players complete certain tasks. These items not only enable the players to overcome more difficult puzzles but also to turn the tide of battle in their favor. They can be used to heal themselves, replenish their mana reserve, as well as to strengthen their bond with their various allies and enemies.

Paradise Out of Castles

In the second phase of the game, players have to build a paradise out of castles and fairy gardens using the various tools available. The player also has the option of using the magical powers of the gods to create any type of terrain they want in their new game.

Natural Scenes

Every landscape is different, and one has to use all available tools to make their imaginary world come alive. There are numerous landscapes available to choose from, such as forests, beaches, snow-covered mountain tops, grassy plains and many other natural scenes.

Fantastic Mod

It is possible to get hold of this fantastic mod through the website Merge Magic Online. This mod is available free of charge, and is considered one of the best online games today. As a result of its popularity, there are now thousands of people enjoying the game on a daily basis.

One of the most attractive features of the game is the fact that it allows its users to earn unlimited gems just by playing the game itself. The mod also comes with a number of interesting mini-games, and its users can spend hours enjoying them.

Java and Flash

Another interesting aspect of this amazing game is that it supports both the Java and Flash applications. This means that one need not spend extra time learning Java or Flash basics in order to play the game. Apart from this, there are also a number of other interesting features, such as magical systems, creature creation systems, multiplayer modes, and many more. All these features have made Merge Magic one of the most popular games on the Internet.

Multi-Player Mode

The multiplayer mode in the game makes it even more exciting for players. In the game, you can use your creatures to engage in battles with other online users. Similarly, you can use your own spells and abilities to participate in the battles, earning experience points and unlocking new levels.

Single-Player Mode

If you are looking to spend some time enjoying the game, but without spending too much time learning the necessary skills, you can easily indulge in the single-player mode and enjoy playing the engaging flash-based quests. You can also try out the Arena mode, where you can pit your wits against the computer-generated characters.


A large number of players rely on Merge Magic to bring joy and fun to their lives. It doesn’t matter whether you are an adult or a child, it has enough age-appropriate features to make it a great fit for everyone.

In the near future, there are bound to be many other games that incorporate some interesting features, such as merging gardens, and also bringing life to fantasy worlds. So, till then, make sure that you stay tuned to the web for all your fun gaming needs.


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