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Merge Gardens is a puzzle game in which you must solve puzzle match 3 holes to win wonderful rewards which you can later use to decorate and design the gardens of your dream house. Install Merge Gardens apk onto your android device and get unlimited funds to spend as you please. You just need to match matching puzzle blocks with the different animals, fruits, or flowers.

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Merge Gardens APK

Merge Gardens has been designed by Amigo, a talented young graphics artist from Korea. Combining his artistic talent with the development skills of his father, he made his creation a free android app.

After marketing the app for several months, it received a lot of positive responses from users who appreciated the visual appeal and highly entertaining gameplay. There are various levels in the game, which are based on his previous works. This further helped to enhance its popularity among users.

Modern Designs

It has a blend of both traditional and modern designs, which makes it look attractive and unique. This is the reason, why this has been featured in various android games as well as online portals, such as google play store. Merge Gardens features various kinds of plants, which includes mango, papaya, cherry tomato, watermelon, and bananas. These are all very appealing and delicious fruits, hence users do not find it difficult to appreciate their merits.

Interesting Content

To add more interesting content to the game, Amigo has included several puzzles, which allow users to unlock different rewards and bonuses at the end of each level. This has helped in further increasing its popularity among users, as they are given extra incentives to continue playing the game.

Merge Gardens rewards the player with $1.99 for every level obtained, and this can be spent in various ways, such as unlocking exclusive rewards at the conclusion of every level or availing of the 50% discounts at various shops.

Merge Gardens Mod Apk

The merge gardens mod apk contains several other exciting features as well. For example, users have the option of unlocking three kinds of animals. They can either choose hamsters, pigs, and chickens among many others. Each of them has different attributes, and is therefore useful when it comes to breeding them in the game. Therefore, they can help to create different kinds of pets that can be customized according to requirements.

Free Merge Gems

Further, another aspect that enhances the popularity of the game is its free merge gems. These gems can be used to buy the required supplies for the purpose of breeding animals. This is very helpful, as one does not need to pay any money in the beginning, before breeding animals.

Unlimited coins are another aspect that helps users enjoy the game. The free gems will enable them to buy coins of various values, which can further be used to buy the required units for the purpose of fighting enemies.

Unlimited Gems

However, it should be noted that the usage of unlimited gems is not allowed in the initial stage of the game. It has to be noted that one can only use them after unlocking the gates for unlimited gems. Moreover, the merging process of two or more garden types may not be permitted, even if they are of the same level.

This is because the two of them may end up competing for the same space in the virtual garden. As a result, the effect of the game will be reduced to a certain extent.


Merge Gardens has been designed by Antherion, a company known for its puzzle games. This makes it a complete experience, where players can enjoy the visuals and the sound simultaneously.

However, it should be noted that since it is a free version of the game, the player needs to be careful to choose the right path. This has led to the emergence of many popular mods for this puzzle game, which continue to increase the popularity of Merge Gardens.

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