Memory Beats APK (Mod Features Free Premium)

Memory Beats is a free iPhone application that helps users improve their cognitive functions, namely, focus and concentration. The game provides an interface for users to interact with sounds and colors, as well as manipulate visual aspects. Memory Beats is a visually stimulating game that helps users improve their brainpower through pattern matching and memorization.

Memory Beats is similar to other memory games such as Applescape and Sudoku. However, the main difference is that it makes use of a more visually stimulating interface. Users will find it easier to focus on activities associated with the game while it also tests their IQ and ability to memorize information.

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Memory Beats

Memory Beats randomizes graphics and patterns at each level. To beat the level you have to play the pattern from the beginning to the end without losing any points. Thus, this is not really a music game. Rather, patterns are designed at random. In addition to this, users will have to use their brains in order to solve the levels.

Memory Beats Uses

Memory Beats uses a grid of nine tiles that change color when you place them in the appropriate slot. Thus, there is no specific pattern that you have to learn and memorize in order to complete each level. Furthermore, unlike the other games, you do not memorize the patterns; rather, you use your wits to figure out how to place them in the grid in the right way in order to beat the level.

As you progress through the levels, you will use more advanced tactics to help you beat the levels. You will also be faced with more difficult pattern matching challenges and levels.

Brain Power

Memory Beats utilizes the concept of brain power by testing your ability to memorize and apply it in different situations. If you think you can memorize every detail about a phone number, you will find it pretty easy to memorize a few numbers. However, if you want to use the same technique in real-life situations you will have to use your brain’s full potential – literally.

Not only do you have to think ahead, but you also have to work your way backward. Therefore, the more you use your brain the better it will be.

Memory Beats Games

Memory Beats games require players to think ahead and use their brainpower to beat the clock by memorizing as many patterns as they can. The basic pattern is that you have to line up two tiles on the grid in order to beat all the levels.

However, as you advance to higher levels you will have to change your strategies. For instance, you may need to line up three horizontal tiles in order to clear all the patterns but at higher levels, only two horizontal tiles are required.

True Potential

In order to unlock the true potential of your brain, you may need to replay some of the previous levels in order to improve your memory skills. The reason for this is that different songs correspond to different levels.

Therefore, when you beat one level you automatically move to the next level but when you beat one you will have to replay a certain pattern so that you can beat all the levels. The challenge comes from the fact that the patterns become more difficult as you progress through the songs.

play Memory Beats

Another thing you may need to remember when you play Memory Beats is not to start beating the time. As you can imagine, the music can get extremely loud. Therefore, you should turn down the volume while listening to songs so that you do not ruin your hearing.

In addition, you should turn on the auto Repeat function so that you do not have to sit there and start the song over again. Memory Beats are not just for people who need to have an edge in exams, they are excellent entertainment as well.


Memory Beats are available in many versions. Some are free and some you will have to buy. Most people agree that the paid versions are more effective as they often have a database of hundreds of songs, many of which were used by famous musicians. If you use these beats regularly you will definitely improve your memory and you will also feel a lot more relaxed.


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