Mekorama Apk (Mod Features Premium)

Mekorama is a new puzzle mobile game by Big Fish Games. Players all around the globe can play this exciting game without any language barrier. Players can enjoy the real time action packed games with various amazing locations like Rome, London, Paris, Tokyo, Egypt and others. You can also meet some of your friends while playing Mekorama. Enjoy the real time strategy games and choose your hero and defeat the dungeon dwellers and save the city.

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Mekorama Free Online Apk Features: This amazing game has several amazing game modes which can be enjoyed. Enjoy adventure, building, battle and survival with the help of several amazing items.

Mekorama is a wonderful free-to-play puzzle game, in which you have to build your hero, carry out actions and use several amazing items and fight various unique creatures and monsters. All such features and many more are available with the help of Mekorama apk and I am sure that you will love playing it.

Thrilling Adventure

This thrilling adventure game features beautiful illustrations, lively animations and excellent sound effects. The overall visual experience is quite amazing and gives you a chance to learn about ancient civilizations and civilisations. If you like the classical style of hidden object adventure games then you will surely enjoy Mekorama. Following are the interesting features of Mekorama:

Free Downloading

Unlimited Free downloading: All the best things in life are free and with the free downloading of Mekorama you can also enjoy the same. Enjoy the amazing pictures and videos of Rome, London, Paris, Tokyo, Egypt and many other destinations with the help of unlimited downloads of Mekorama.

World Wide Web

Users can make use of their tablets as they access the World Wide Web on the go. This amazing android app allows users to play exciting online games along with downloading of their favorite images and videos. The android application allows free video streaming, social networking and enhanced picture and image editing features.

Videos Support

Unlimited YouTube videos support: This amazing android app allows you to upload any video you like and share it with your friends in the blink of your eye. Users can also edit and trim their videos according to their tastes and enjoy the best of HD videos on their android phones. Mekorama lets you view and share high quality videos on your android phones.

Videos Files

With the help of this amazing android app you can save time and effort as you can easily download videos from anywhere on the internet using the built-in internet browser. You can easily access the video files on your external storage device.

Game Challenges

Online game challenges: In addition to saving your progress and photos, Mekorama provides different rooms for you to play adventure game challenges with your friends or loved ones. The amazing and unique blend of adventure game, puzzles and strategy game make this amazing android game a must-have.

Mekorama lets you see different rooms of robots and talk to them using written text commands. You can also use special skill sets available to you in the game to increase your chances to win.

Various Features

Mekorama lets you explore different sides of the robot’s world: You can also explore the mysterious side of the robot’s world using its various features. Mekorama features many interesting add-ons which allow you to fully customize the robot with different body parts and skill sets including strength, agility, intelligence, communication and teamwork.

Mekorama Mod Apk

These amazing parts give a unique twist to the traditional robot gaming experience. The mekorama mod apk has a wide variety of cool and exciting features. You can play with the cute tiny robot as you enjoy the unique blend of fun & excitement.


The game gives you an endless supply of fun. It allows you to combine various creative skills and strategies to build your own robot that will get you from point A to point B. Mekorama uses many of the most popular robot building and customization kits such as the Star Wars Adventures, Ironman Ultimate Collector and the Harry Potter Ultimate Collector. If you are looking for something new and a little unique to play with you should try Mekorama.


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