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Every kid loves the game of maze on computers and PSP. If your kid is craving to play maze on computer or PSP then you should install Maze Paint on computer or PSP. It will be very helpful for him/her to play maze games on computer or PSP. Apart from that it provides various fun graphics, sound and different visual effects in order to make the game interesting.

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Maze Paint

Without Maze houses, puzzles look boring so add some colors in the homes and make the home more beautiful. In each level you got different maze shapes on home touch the color roller to quickly paint the maze on the wall in the selected level. You should always swipe vertically to move the roller quickly and paint the right direction to finish the maze. You should also avoid swiping horizontally. To complete the level, just swipe horizontally or vertically.


Maze Paint has a few unique features in comparison to other android applications such as Flip mode and gridlines. In Flip mode you can view the drawing of maze and see it as you drag the device across the screen. The gridlines feature allows you to view the drawing of your house in grid format while dragging. Android platform is so advanced that it offers great viewing features in Android House Color Picker application.

Multi Screen Support

The main features of Maze Paint are – quick start feature, multi-screen support, wallpaper change, random coloring, undo / redo feature, screen capture, and image display. These features make the app very exciting and fun to play. The multi-screen support allows you to use different windows simultaneously.

Entertainment Option

This multi-screen support makes the app a good entertainment option for kids, who are playing with multi-screen iPad or iPhone devices. The random painting feature randomly chooses an object and colors the scene accordingly. This feature provides a challenging experience to users.

Painting Tool

It can be said that Maze Paint is not only a painting tool, but also an artistic and creative tool as well. It is a fun and innovative android apps that offers creative and exciting gaming experience. It is available at affordable price with free version as well. It can be used for gaming purposes and helps players to visualize and express themselves creatively through painting.

Splat & Pain

Google Play has released a couple of interesting apps on android devices such as Splat & Paint, which is a puzzle game and a splatter app. Splat & Paint puzzle has a unique and exciting concept where players have to eliminate objects by painting them. The difficulty levels of each level increases as you move ahead in completing each level. The main aim of the game is to earn the highest score, which is displayed as a virtual score on your Android device screen.

House Color

Google Play has introduced two new games namely, Splat & Paint and House Color Paintroller Swipe – Maze. The first one features high definition graphics and exciting 3D effects, while the second one is an action/adventure game that revolves around a simple yet intriguing storyline and mystery. Players control various objects by dragging and dropping them on the screen, while swiping randomly over the screen.


There are several challenges and achievements listed under each scenario, which make this game more exciting and challenging at the same time. In House Color Paintroller Swipe – Maze, players need to save the environment by painting walls using various shades of colors to protect it from a group of hungry zombies. This exciting puzzle game can be played within the google play app or you can also buy it directly from the app store.


You can also get the latest trailer of House Color – Maze from the Google Play app. The one-minute commercial video shows the exciting action sequence of the game, where an animated boy loads a boat with paint, which starts to spill, causing chaos on the water. The boy then uses a hose to clean up the paint. Another exciting thing is that the boy’s mother then walks in and out of the home, painting everything and trying to get things back in order. The overall effect is something that everyone will find fascinating.

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