Match Hit Puzzle Fighter Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

Match Hit Puzzle Fighter is a new version of the popular game “Mind Match”, this game is not as easy as the old version but still very entertaining. The game has been revised and is much more exciting than its predecessors. The game provides a great gameplay experience for all. Match Hit Puzzle Fighter is highly entertaining and full of excitement. This game is a mod for free iPhone which gives you a great gaming experience.

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Match Hit Puzzle Fighter Apk

Match Hit Puzzle Fighter is the best FREE MOD of all puzzle fight games now available on the internet, you can enjoy great game fun with match hit puzzle fighter, enjoy the endless gameplay, have fun & solve the mystery with the help of a super cool and innovative game concept and much more.

Latest Version

Match Hit Puzzle Fighter Latest Version is the best mod of all, you can have great fun with it, play it anywhere, anytime, and you can solve the mystery of the world with the help of a super cool and innovative concept and much more. You can have the same experience as you had when you play with your favorite superheroes like wolverine, batman, spiderman, or any other comic hero you love in the movies of your favorite superheroes.

Super Cool Concept

The super cool concept and the advanced technology of this mod have made the game much more exciting. The story of the story makes the player feel the excitement and the fun in every level, you must defeat the bad guys to win the level and complete the mission. You can find some of the best and most realistic environments in this mod version and fight the bad guys with some awesome power-ups and weapons.

Match hit Puzzle Fighter Mod

You can use your power-ups to score more points and beat the enemy without getting hit yourself. This mod gives you the ultimate gaming experience by giving you the same content that the original version had, like amazing graphics, match hit puzzle fighter mod, addictive gameplay, and lots more.

The Match Mod

The Match Mod gives you more weapons than your usual. Some of them are even featured in the trailers of the movie. The flashlights can be used to stun your enemies and stun their flag carrier. You can also use the flashlights to destroy the helicopter and get away from it. It will be easier for you to get out of the helicopters and eliminate them if you have these weapons.

The Next Level

The game has various levels depending upon the difficulty that you want to play. If you are confused with the puzzles, you can just slow down the game and look at the answers to the questions on the screen. Once you clear a puzzle, it will be added to your list and you can proceed to the next level. The difficulty increases as you go through the game.

Difficult to Defend

Another great thing about this is you can play it either alone or with a friend in an arcade game mode. There are several levels where you have to fight against the waves of the robots who will protect the dam. As you get through each level, the robot waves become more difficult to defend against so it is advised to play with a friend who has a good understanding of arcade games.

Customize Your Character

This game has some great features that will keep you interested. For example, you can customize your character as per your choice and change your weaponry, which will give you an extra challenge. There are also various power-ups that you can purchase, which will give you an advantage during the fight. Other power-ups will slow your opponents down and give you extra time to prepare for a counterattack.


There is no doubt that the Match Hit Puzzle Fight is one of the most exciting arcade games you can find. It has a lot of excitement packed into it. Some people might say that it is too hard, but after playing it for a few minutes you might just find that this game is not too bad.

If you have an internet connection, then this game will be extremely enjoyable. If you don’t have one then it might be wise to wait until you have some free time and then try it out.


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