MaskGun Multiplayer FPS Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Ammo)

The Maskgun is an exciting multiplayer FPS game with exciting, gripping gameplay and superb 3D graphics. It’s simple to pick up, but still very skillful with its fast-paced, close-quarters combat and overall competitive multiplayer. If you like multiplayer FPS games where you get to shoot everything that moves, then the Maskgun is for you. Here are some tips on getting started in this highly addictive game.

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MaskGun Multiplayer FPS

First off, the first thing you have to do is to register for a server using your favorite game provider. There are three modes available in the game: quick round, rapid round, and deathmatch. The rapid round mode is the one where you earn points for kills instead of accumulating credits.

Deathmatch is a game mode where there are a number of rounds with a predetermined time limit for each team to reach a designated goal.

Normal Game Modes

To start off with, I would recommend that you play the quick round or normal game modes. This will help you get used to the gaming modes and familiarize yourself with how the interface works. You should also understand the controls as well as the maps where you will be attacking enemies and defending yourself.

Moreover, you will get a feel of the game speed, especially if you choose to use the high-quality android game screen recorded by our video team.

Multiplayer Mode

Once you are ready, you can proceed to the main menu which is represented by a green bar. Select the green bar, then click on the “APK” link which is shown next to the names of the game modes. Select the download and save the apk file, then install it. Allow the application to run completely before launching the Maskgun. In fact, this step is also applicable if you choose the multiplayer mode as well.

Customized Game Mode

When you launch the game, you will automatically be launched in a customized game mode. You will then be asked to choose a target from the pop-up list and put an icon next to it which is capable of switching to the sniper or sharpshooter view. Select the suitable view to play the game.

After setting a friendly target using the sniper view, you can proceed to use the other three available gaming modes to annihilate the bots.

The Hero Mode

The hero mode can be played by players who don’t want to spend too much time building up their character. In this setup, you will be provided with a number of weapons including the machine gun, submachine gun, laser gun, shoulder-mounted machine gun, rocket launcher, handheld machine gun, and homing missiles. You can also obtain more than one set of these weapons which will enable you to adapt to different battle scenarios.

Single-Player Mode

If you are tired of spending most of your time just trying to shoot down waves of bots in single-player mode, you might want to try out the free shooting game on the net with the Maskgun. For this particular instance, you need to visit a web page that offers the mod of the Maskgun multiplayer FPS.

You can select the site by browsing through the list of the most popular multiplayer freebies in the internet. Once you find the site which you think will allow you to enjoy the mod, you will be prompted to download it and install it to your mobile device.

Maskgun Multiplayer Freebie

The mod apk file enables users of the Maskgun multiplayer freebie to enjoy the game even better as it contains various free shooting modes like the regular rounds, head-on impact, no spin, and also the classic full auto mode. The settings which are provided in the game can also be modified at any time especially when you visit a new online page.


This ensures that the users can further customize the shooting modes to their liking. The full version of the mod has also been incorporated with several multiplayer options and maps for the users to choose from.

As soon as you install the mod, you will have the option of either playing against the computer or versus another user of the same device. The best thing about the Maskgun is that it enables the players to use handguns and other hand-held devices in addition to their airsoft guns in a totally seamless manner.


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