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Manor Matters is a challenging free-to-play Facebook game in which players must successfully renovate the old estate of Castlewood while uncovering its many hidden secrets. You’re first immediately welcomed to a ghostly old manor, called Castlewood. This creepy manor has a dark rumor that it’s haunted, and now the rumor has unfortunately spread across the whole city.

Greedy Lawyer

Players can start the game by choosing the character they would like to be, such as the greedy lawyer, the crafty but feeble inspector, or the determined but weak nobleman. Once you’ve begun your investigation into Castlewood Manor, your next task would be to choose which estate part of town you’d like to investigate.

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Once you’ve chosen your genre, you will then be shown a city map – which acts as your quest map. Below are the starting point and endpoint for each level in Manor Matters Mod Apk:

Different People

In this exciting time and place in Manor Matters Apk, you will definitely need all the help you can get from your friends. You can acquire help by asking your friends about the different people they know in the town, as well as the things they do to solve mysteries.

The more help you get from your friends, the faster you will gather clues and solve mysteries. Additionally, you can also buy items from a shop located at the corner of each district. Items inside the store are what players will use to investigate mysterious clues and solve the mystery behind Castlewood Manor.

Completing Objectives

Each stage of the game has several objectives, each with a time limit. Completing objectives will grant you points and unlock new costumes for your character. There are several different types of objectives, such as searching the manor for valuable items, finding the real killer behind it, or catching a suspect.

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As you play the game, you will also find out that solving the mystery will earn you credits, which can later be used to buy costumes for your character. Some of the challenges include trying to save the captured girls and stopping the killer from committing more crimes. There are also several other challenges, such as beating the clock to solve the puzzle, finding hidden items, and much more.

Detective Manor

Detective Manor is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and is currently only available on the Xbox One due to the console’s backward compatibility feature. However, many fans have been enjoying the game on previous consoles, as well as the PC.

If you enjoy playing detective games with a good story behind them, you will definitely enjoy playing Manor Matters Mod Apk: Detective Manor. It offers tons of replay value, as well as being one of the best games available on Xbox Live Arcade.

Investigating Crime

The gameplay involves you investigating crime scenes, searching for clues, and earning stars for solving crimes. You can also buy costumes for your character from a variety of different stores. The storyline revolves around a series of murder cases that take place in an old manor.

While investigating each case, you will find hidden objects and investigate every inch of the manor. If you are not sure how to interact with the characters in the game, or where to find hidden objects, you can use the in-game help guide that comes with the game.

Deductive Skills

For people who want to play games that require a lot of thinking, investigation, and deductive skills, Manor Matters: Detective Manor is definitely a game that you will enjoy playing. The storyline is based on a modern murder mystery that took place in a luxurious mansion.


Your objective will be to find clues that will help you solve murders that were committed decades ago. Although the game does take a bit of time to unfold, once you solve the first mystery, the next one will become easier and the rest of the stories will flow in an interesting pattern.

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To uncover the different secrets in the game, you will have to use your deductive skill, your photographic memory, your problem-solving abilities, your logic, and your memory. There are also a number of activities in the game, such as trying to figure out who committed the crime, attempting to prove a suspect innocent, scrutinizing evidence, and much more.

Some of the challenges will also require you to use all of these tools in order to uncover the secrets within the Manor. The game has several difficulty levels, which means that you can start off easy and end up harder as you progress through the story. Playing the game will help you improve your skills as a detective.

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