Major Mayhem 2 Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money and Gems)

Major Mayhem 2 is the mod for the popular online multiplayer browser game Major Mayhem. It is a multiplayer browser game and was made by Popcap Games. You are one of the survivors of nuclear war and you must find out how to survive the remaining humans.

Major Mayhem is not a simulation, but an online game based on the Major Mayhem series of games. It is fun and colorful, it has many popular weapon types and you can use them right away.

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Major Mayhem 2 Mod Apk

Major Mayhem 2 mod apk – Gun Shooting Action – This mod is an automatic gun shooting game. In this mod, you must go through the Tutorial. After that, you can purchase weapons, and get unlimited ammo and gems. This will really make this shooting game simple for you! If you want, you can even customize your guns with sights and sound effects

Strong Hero

Major Mayhem 2 has a captivating storyline with a strong hero in the form of Billy, who is an agent sent from the real world to prevent the terrorists from attacking the city. He is well-informed about the plot and soon he comes across his nemeses, the undead.

However, there is also another agent who is half American and half German. They are both controlled by an international terrorist organization called the Triad. Their ultimate goal is to control the globe using a new virus called the Plasmid.

The storyline

The storyline of Major Mayhem 2 is set to a more serious tone. There are now American soldiers facing an attack by zombies in the streets. The storyline revolves around a group of soldiers about to execute a mission where they are given weapons that can shoot zombies. There are several levels in the game and each level has its own set of challenges and goals to complete before moving to the next level.

Major Mayhem 2 Features

Major Mayhem 2 features new characters that are all based on their real-life selves. They have their own unique characteristics and abilities but Billy also has a sister named Christine. They were both captured by the Triad and are now working as double agents against their foes.

They work together to complete the task at hand and save the captured Americans. The 3D graphics in this game are first-rate and look more realistic than any zombie shooting game that has come before.

Arcade Cover Shooting

Major Mayhem 2 has an intense action arcade cover shooting game and it really doesn’t look like much, but once you start playing, it’s very thrilling. The storyline is about an international terrorist organization called the Triad. You help the agents combat the enemy and complete tasks to save America and its citizens.

Variety of Guns

You are able to use a variety of guns, each with its own unique set of capabilities that can help you in the heat of battle. The storyline is very gripping and will keep you playing throughout. The storyline also includes many memorable characters that you may encounter while fighting against the Triad.

Mayhem 2 Mod

In the Major Mayhem 2 mod, there are many weapons available for use and there are also several levels in the single-player mode. Each level has a time limit and once the time has run out, the player is forced to fight their way to the finish or start all over again.

Difficulty Levels

There are various difficulty levels in the single-player mode and they increase with the number of enemies that you fight. The controls include using the keyboard arrow keys to move the selected weapon and to fire it. There are also certain “hotkeys” that you must hit in order to make use of your weapons.


The Major Mayhem 2 mod for Android devices is free to download from the Android Market. It will work on any version of Android devices including rooted and unrooted installations. If you would like to have more free content for your Android device, please visit the Major Mayhem blog and sign up for the monthly updates via their site.


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