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Major Gun: War on Terror is a mobile sniper game based on a novel concept. In this adaptation of Major Gun: War on Terror it is the player who assumes the role of a secret sniper during an unspecified future World War. The plot revolves around a group of terrorists planning to use a virus to turn the entire human population against the United States of America.

You are placed in the position of duty and given orders to shoot down as many enemy soldiers as you can while protecting your own life. This action-adventure title features top-notch first-person shooting and real physics-based tomahawks.

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Major Gun

The story begins at the dawn of a new era, just after the September 11th attacks. In the game, you must guide six characters through a maze-like city and perform actions according to the level of terror each character is faced with. Each level is full of intense combat situations involving vehicular chases, shootouts with terrorists, and vehicle sabotage missions.

There are seven levels total, and a further six hidden ones as part of the “iemobile” bonus level. There is no time limit when playing Major Gun: War on Terror with the free version of Major Gun: War on Terror.

Web interface

For this game, there is no need for purchasing any additional content or plug-ins. Although, you can purchase extra content through the web interface if you so desire, or through the purchase of additional content, which includes a code to unlock a special weapon used in some of the level’s weapons attacks.

The free version of Major Gun: War on Terror does not feature any weapons, although, it does allow you to play the single-player version. If you really enjoy the single-player version, then purchasing the paid mod for the original game is recommended.

War on Terror

Major Gun: War on Terror has an excellent multiplayer mode. You select a class before beginning the game, select your hero and begin playing. Using the left and right arrows, and the mouse buttons, you engage in battle with a selection of powerful enemies. The primary objective of the game is to eliminate all of the terrorists before they reach your base. Once inside the base, you can fight off waves of enemy soldiers who arrive to fight you as well.

Multiplayer mode

In the multiplayer mod, you can choose from a number of classes. Each class has its own set of weapons and abilities. These include offensive as well as defensive weapons used to quickly get behind enemy lines and surprise your enemies. Some of these include the chaise longbow, which is powerful against enemy troops and animals;

a rocket launcher, which is useful for taking out large groups of soldiers at a distance; a laser cannon which is useful in sniping enemies; and a machine gun, which is quite effective against large groups of troops or animals.


Major Gun: War on Terror also features diverse missions based around different terrains. On each terrain, you will be presented with two or more missions, which are very different from each other. For example, on normal terrain, you will fight off terrorists using machine guns,

while on difficult terrain you will be faced with waves of troops using hand-to-hand combat. In addition, the terrorists have a lot of powerful weapons such as RPGs which must be destroyed using various weapons.


The overall score is measured by how many players finish a mission and how many minutes it took them to complete it. The terrorists are always trying to gather more recruits, which makes this game much more exciting. Some of these characters include the Chinese, VC, Japanese, and Russian terrorists. The varied enemies and exciting missions add to the excitement of Major Gun: War on Terror.


The official Major Gun: War on Terror mod also includes exciting modes like Sniping, which is a long-range automatic shot that can be done by using the mouse, and Search and Destroy, which requires players to find and eliminate targets using explosives.

Additionally, in the game, you will also be able to customize your character using different headpieces and clothing. There are many different levels available, allowing players to replay them as many times as they want. The official mod also provides users with tips and tricks for the different characters, making the game even more exciting.

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