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Mad GunZ is the mod of Mad Gear. It is a highly addictive game of gun shooting wherein you need to shoot the targets in order to save the agents from the bad guys. This game is extremely famous among the kids at heart. It has many good qualities which make it different from other shooting games available on the market. This game is one of the most popular smartphone applications of all time.

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Mad GunZ mod apk

Mad GunZ mod apk is an online shooter in the style of action/war games. It is a free app that was developed by a game dev studio and is available for download free of cost. This Mad GunZ apk can be used directly on your phone or can be downloaded to the computer first and transferred to your mobile phone via USB cable.

You can simply fire the automatic weapons by clicking on the icons on your screen. You have to choose the weapons which you are comfortable with before going on to the next level.

Mini Gun

The Mad GunZ is a remake of the much-loved arcade game ” Mad GunZ ” which was remade as an amazing mobile game and became hugely popular among children and youth. It has been ranked as one of the top online games of the year 2021. The weapon that you will use for this Shooting mode is the burst-type of the weapons like the airsoft, paintball, minigun, or real guns.

Mad GunZ characters

The Mad GunZ is a strategic online shooting game. You will need to build up your shooting skill through its trials and tribulations. You will also have to create your own Mad GunZ characters which you will use for the course of the battle.

These characters will help you in the battle and you should be careful to avoid their attacks which can hinder your progress in the game. Once you master the online taking pictures, the creation of the character, and then mastering the weapon, you will be able to advance further into the Mad GunZ world.

Advanced Weapons

As you advance further into the game, the more advanced weapons and tactics will be added to the Mad GunZ mod. There are different levels that you can access depending upon the progression you have made. If you want to gain maximum experience and want to be the winner, then the player should opt for the unlimited mode which will enable them to play for unlimited periods of time.

Unlimited Power

The player will have the choice to either use the normal gun or the unlimited power-ups provided in the Mad GunZ mod. The player will also have the choice to either play on an endless level or on a level with limited power-ups. The player will also have the option of unlimited blocks or unlocking additional power-ups in order to gain more scores.

Excellent Addition

The Mad GunZ mod is an excellent addition to the huge number of games that can be downloaded from the internet. This cool game has a nice pixel shooter look which will keep the player entertained for hours. The entire concept of this gun and the goal of winning the game is quite interesting and unique.

The Mad GunZ mod has a multiplayer mode and the player can choose to either fight against themselves or against bots that will assist them. There is unlimited money in the Mad GunZ mod, which can be used to buy upgrades and purchase new guns for the player.

Perfect Combination

Crafting the perfect combination of colors and shapes to craft the weapons is what makes the Mad GunZ mod so fun. The main objective of the game is to craft the most powerful combinations which will enable you to eliminate your enemies. Making money and leveling up are just some of the many things that one can do while playing Mad GunZ.

In these great online shooter video games, you will have to think creatively to make the right combinations as they will then explode in your face! You will have to use your creative mind to outsmart the enemy and use the Mad GunZ weapons effectively.


There are plenty of weapons and enemies in the Mad GunZ mod which will leave you spellbound. The concept of Mad GunZ is to craft the best combinations of colors to score the highest points.

The block’s battle mode is also another interesting aspect of this great online shooting game as you will have to attack the blocks with Mad GunZ to score points. It is the very simple yet addicting concept of crafting the ultimate combinations using Mad GunZ.

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