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Machinika Museum APK is a brand new puzzle game developed by Littlefield Studio. The game revolves around the different aspects of logical puzzle solving. Different brain-aching puzzles will challenge the player’s logical reasoning power. There are various puzzling and mind-blowing puzzles to be solved and an endless sense of mystery that will deeply enthrall players into playing it.

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Machinika Museum Apk

This time management game features the ‘Mind Power: Lab Experience’ series. It introduces various concepts such as color combination, shape matching, and pattern recognition using objects in the Machinika Museum. These ideas were originally present in the hit TV show, ‘Whoopsy Doo’.

The ‘lab experience’ concept was later developed by the experts at ‘Microsoft Cognitive Services with the help of experts from the field of psychology.

Users have the option of choosing from an extensive range of puzzles that are all brain-stimulating. The Machinika Museum is featured as one of the destinations where they can solve puzzles and earn valuable artifacts.

Exciting Themes.

Machinika Museum APK offers users a choice between five exciting themes. The first theme, Adventure, is for users who want an adventurous day in the office with an all-new set of problems. Here, the puzzles become more difficult and the adventure quotient increases.

Sci-Fi, Puts

The second theme, Sci-Fi, puts the user in the shoes of an astronaut and put in space to explore different systems and discover the mystery behind them. The last one is Vintage, a puzzle game based on vintage movie posters where you have to find clues and interact with the objects in front of you in order to solve the puzzle.


The Machinika Museum has several features to help users in enjoying their favorite activities in the most enjoyable manner. The first feature is the “Mystery Match Village”, an online community wherein users can join and interact with each other to share their ideas and secrets.

Mystery Match Village

The second feature is a forum thread where you can discuss different topics related to the Machinika Museum and solutions to the puzzles offered by the Mystery Match Village. You can also upload your puzzles and share it with the community using the post button located on the top right corner of the main page. The Machinika Museum also offers a blog where you can upload your favorite pictures, wallpapers, etc.


In the Mystery Match Village, users can choose among five themes offered by the Machinika Museum which are Adventure, Science, Action, Classic, and Fantasy. You can start a new game in any of these themes and if you clear the level successfully, you will be rewarded with an eye-catching feather. Other than that, there are three challenge levels that you can choose from.

Changes Color

When you clear each challenge, you will be given a feather that changes color based on which challenge you are participating in. A new challenge can be started by logging in to the Machinika Museum and choosing the ” Challenges” option in the main menu.

Free Version

The Machinika Museum has two ways to play its online puzzle games; you can either use its free version or buy the full version. Both versions have the same features and the only difference is that one version has extra features. In the free version, users can create a board with their own pictures, enter puzzles, earn points and buy all the animals found in the virtual world. The features available in the free version are not present in the full version.

Unique Characters

In the Mystery Match Village, users can choose among five unique characters to compete with each other. The animals found in the virtual world can be collected and taken back to the Machinika Museum to be displayed.

When all the animals are collected, the five players can have a viewing of their virtual creations, including the winners. The puzzle-solving portion of the game can also be played by downloading the Machinika Museum PC version to your personal computer.


The Machinika Museum PC version has various other interesting features such as a slide show of the most recently solved problems for each puzzle, a clock, day/night timer, volume slider, music player, and an achievements list.

The Machinika Museum PC is yet to be rated by the authorities as a suitable application for children, but it is a definite safe pick for those looking for a unique puzzle game with a cute theme. If you are looking for a relaxing and educational solution to the problems of daily life, then the Machinika Museum puzzle game is worth checking out.

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