Lunch Hero Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Diamond)

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Lunch Hero is a free Android app that allows you to play hero while winning fights in the process. This exciting game is extremely simple, fun, and full of authentic life action. It’s also full of cool features. You’ll have tons of fun playing this cool new game. It’s based on an acclaimed animated cartoon.

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Lunch Hero Apk

It has so many amazing features. One of its coolest features is the fact that it actually has very simple graphics. It’s totally different from the super sophisticated artwork you’ll find in paid apps. Another amazing thing about this game is that it actually gets completely balanced, meaning that one hero is never the complete hero. You’ll see that the different heroes have totally different skills, too.


This role-playing game includes nine heroes to choose from. Your hero starts as a mere Lunch Hero, but you can raise him up through 100 levels of Lunch Hero. You can buy armor, weapons, hearts, and powers for your hero, so that he can perform different actions in each level. You can even buy vehicles for your hero at a certain point in the game!

Buy Anything

However, you cannot just buy anything in this game. You’ll need to earn these hearts first. Each level has lots of levels where you can fight tough opponents and earn hearts to increase your hero’s health bar. And those are just the regular rewards. Players who earn enough hearts will be able to buy powerful items which make playing the game even more exciting!

Players Assume

This action role-playing game lets players assume the role of any of the nine Lunch Heroes. These heroes have special powers that can help them in battle. They can fly, shoot, swim, and much more. All of these actions make the game full of excitement, which is why many people have played it for hours on end.


Some people like to play it with their friends. With four versus four split screen multiplayer, you can play against the computer or another player. In addition, players can take turns being the hero of their team. That means they can be on the offense or defense, depending on who their friends are. There are several game modes for people who like this type of action role-playing game.


There are also a number of challenges and levels in this action role-playing game. For example, if you are playing as an underwater rescue team, you’ll have to rescue a missing person while fighting sharks and submarines. Other challenges include finding all of your favorite heroes, completing all levels, finding all artifacts, and so forth. The game lets players do everything they want, even if they are on opposite teams. It is a very easy game for people to play together.

Simple Graphics

One thing that really appeals to people is the simple graphics. The hero has a cartoon-like appearance with excellent color detail. Some people prefer to play heroes with red hair instead of the green or blue options. The hero’s design has some similarities with the cartoon series “The Breakfast Club” and the super hit movie “Wreck-It Ralph”.

Riding a Bicycle

A lot of people enjoy this game because it’s so different from other casual games. They find that they can play it anytime they have a few minutes to kill. You can choose which hero you would like to play as. It has several different starting abilities such as throwing a pizza, playing baseball, or riding a bicycle.

Earning Money

After earning money throughout the course of the game, you can buy new hero outfits as well as weapons. If you like Buzz Lightyear, you can purchase his flying vehicle and his shield. Other items include a large star, which creates a very big target for your hero to aim at. You can also buy additional costumes for Sponge Bob and Patrick, both of whom are featured as main characters. These outfits include a scarf, hat, shoe, and glove. As an added bonus, you get a discount at the shop where you purchase the Lunch Hero app.

Short Attention Spans

The game is a perfect choice for kids who have short attention spans. Because they are easily able to understand what is going on, they are less likely to become frustrated with the game. You can spend a lot of time having fun as you play this game because there is really no down time.


The only complaint that parents have about this game is that kids often do not wait until their snack before using their abilities. This makes them less productive than if they take their time before using a hero power. In addition, they need to keep going back to the shop to purchase more outfits. It might be a good idea to provide them with a map so they know exactly where to go.

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