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LoveUnholyC is an online otome game that utilizes suggestive and captivating concepts to immerse male players into erotic dream love. It is also a part of the visual novel genre and so each choice or change of the player’s character impacts the plot or the storyline of any individual character.

In addition, it has excellent music, voice acting, and visual design that really put the player into the game. This review will focus on the game’s overall quality.

LoveUnholyc Real Apk

The story begins in a quiet place as two lovers prepare for their wedding night. The beautiful and mysterious maiden, Lily, awakens from slumber and immediately gets turned on by her groom. The two are soon caught in an arranged marriage and Lily must follow through with her wild emotions.

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A mysterious force attacks Lily, turning her into a monster and leaving her weak and vulnerable to a stranger’s attack. With the help of her new friend, Rinna, Lily must overcome her emotion and find the strength to face her fears and cope with the emotional turmoil.

Game’s Story

The game’s story is extremely dramatic. Although the graphics are charming, the story is not. Despite this, I found the romantic situation and romantic interaction between the two characters believable. There are several different routes to take in the game, each with its own unique story and characters.

I liked that most of my time playing was spent exploring the complex relationships between the main characters and how these relationships were impacted by Lily’s transformation into a monster.

Visual Novel

One of the main reasons I ended up playing this visual novel was because it was one of the few otome games that managed to capture the feelings of romance and attraction between two of its characters effectively. The story’s protagonist, Lily, is such an uncommon character that players get a sense of wonder and hope even before they discover her hidden potential.

As a result, Lily becomes a beloved figure to many of its players, especially the few women who fall for her naturally. As a result, I was eager to explore the complex relationship between Lily and Rinna, as well as learn more about their characters and relationships.

Generic Route

Like most otome games, LoveUnholyc follows a generic route that all otome games follow. The hero of the story, Rinna, eventually falls in love with a boy from her class. However, things take a drastic change when Lily discovers her powers and catches sight of her favorite pupil during a battle.

Failing Business

She vows to help her friend save her father’s failing business and become a full-fledged ninja bride, and she sets out on a journey to achieve these goals. As one would expect, things do not go according to plan, and everyone involved goes from being on the safest route to one that puts everyone in danger.

Amazing Popularity

Because of its amazing popularity, LoveUnholyc has been included in many other dating games, most notably the fan-made fanfiction LoveUnholydeath. In this mod, players take the role of Lily, a member of a vampire family who vows to protect humanity using any means necessary.

In addition to a great story, players can also unlock several new and exciting mod features that further expand the game’s fan-created content, making it a very engaging experience.

Key Features

One of the key features of LoveUnholyc, in my opinion, is the mod’s unlocking of Rinna’s relationship with a blonde vampire. While it was already abundantly clear that she had a crush on Ashura, her interest in Ashura’s brother was left somewhat ambiguous until players make their way into the game.

Unlocking this relationship allows players to spend more time focusing on the sibling relationship, building bonds between the two families. It also makes for some very sweet interplay between the siblings, making it even more fun to play. Some of the best scenes involve Rinna, Ashura, and their respective children as they all enjoy romantic interactions.


Overall, it seems that LoveUnholyC is a great game for those interested in vampire-related mods. With a pretty picture, excellent story, and countless unlockables, it seems like a surefire hit.

A huge thanks go out to its developers, who not only made the game free to download, but also made it so that one could spend many hours enjoying its characters, relationships, and gameplay. So if you’re looking for something new to play, check out the fan-made mod “LoveUnHolyC” and see if you like it!

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