Lovescapes Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Coins)

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Lovescapes is a free iPhone game. It is an arcade game which is extremely fun to play. You can also compete with other players and earn awesome money as you enjoy the game. Lovescapes has been downloaded by hundreds of users and has no doubt about being a great game for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of Lovescapes main features which have made this game one of the most downloaded iPhone games.

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First, you need to know that you can get unlimited coins if you like to purchase the product. Lovescapes mod apk contains unlimited money/apk, fast level share with other players and unlimited coins for the players who like to purchase the product. If you want to use its higher premium / pro features then you can easily unlock its higher premium version with the help of Lovescapes pro Unlocker.

Other than that, guys try to use the new updated game modes where you can easily enjoy it like playing in Story mode, Endless mode and other new exciting modes.

Lovescapes Mod Features

Lovescapes mod features – Story mode which is the most exciting mode to enjoy. In this mode, you will have to play the role of a CEO and find out the secret of Lovescapes and the struggles of the company’s character. This game has a fairy tale style story and the whole background is colorful.

Secret of Lovescapes

The whole background is done in a very simple way but still the attention is paid to the details. There are different types of challenges in this game, and the secret of Lovescapes lies in the different type of challenges. Some of these are the Daily Challenges, Personal challenges and the competition.

Endless Mode

– Endless mode: In Endless mode, you will have to build up Lovescapes and see how far they can go before being defeated. In this mode, you will be given lots of time to build up your business, and you will also have unlimited coins. The goal of this game is to reach the top of the rankings and become the highest ranking company in all of Google’s and Yahoo’s list of most popular sites.

Dating Simulator Lovescapes

– Dating simulator lovescapes: This mobile game has been made based on the true story of Lovescapes and you can find out the secrets of its success through the various challenges. In this game, the main character is Elliot who is the head of Lovescapes.

You can create and design your own profiles which the users will enter their profiles and view yours. You will be able to see the likes, dislikes, dreams and goals of the people in your life.

Lovescapes Mod

– Lovescapes mod: This download allows you to design your own profile in 3D. It also allows you to add other profiles. This is one of the most exciting features that allow you to create and customize your own profile. The Lovescapes mod features unlimited amounts of money, gifts and freebies.

Lovescapes Plus Mod

– Lovescapes Plus Mod: This download allows you to create and design 3D models of your favorite characters and export them to your computer. You can then add text to make it look like a real picture or a real portrait. Other features available are unlimited amount of pairs of lips, unlimited amount of make-up and hairstyles, voice and speech effects,

kiss cam, unlimited amounts of gifts and cash. If you have used the Lovescapes mod you will know what to expect with the Lovescapes Plus Mod. This one is great because it gives you so much more features.


Lovescapes was a very popular application before the introduction of android devices. However, it has been improved since android devices were introduced to the market. It is very unique as it lets you create love notes for someone by just typing out their name and it also helps you organise your contacts and shows you where you last took your next step. Lovescapes has a Google+ page which offers information about the application as well as other applications that are available on google playstore.

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