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Love Hunter is a free program for tracking cell phone messages. This article shows you how to install and activate Love Hunter. First you have to jailbreak your phone if you own it, then you can install Love Hunter. Mod APK to install it.

Download Love Hunter: After downloading Love Hunter, you need to find the latest version and then install it on your phone. Mod APK to install it on your phone: Now you can check whether the program works or not on your phone by going to “Start”. On the “Start” menu, there will be a link ‘Settings’. Click on it and then click on the option ‘Change user settings’.

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Features of Love Hunter

Features of Love Hunter Now let’s look at the features of mod hunter assassin. It allows you to track the new contacts added to your email. You also get to see the call logs and deleted call messages. You can change the settings to block telemarketers and all other such features. If you like, you can even spy on the people calling from your phone using this program.

Installing The Mod

The only thing that you need to do after installing the mod is to launch the game, and that’s the only step required. Love Hunter also comes with spyware blockers and other features such as browsing history and key logger. Love Hunter is actually a virus, so you should get rid of it immediately. To remove it, use an anti-virus program.

The Main Threat

The main threat that you will face after downloading Love Hunter is that it will install a Trojan in your system. This Trojan will give you the hacker’s access into your computer system. You can download the Love Hunter latest version and run a scan to remove the Trojan. However, if you are still having problem after following the above steps, you should contact your internet service provider and ask them for a refund.

There have been reports of customers getting trapped into a scam that requires them to purchase a second software package which usually includes a large sum of money.

Hunter Assassin Apk

If you want to know how to download hunter assassin apk files, then pay attention. When you find an official website of Love Hunter, they usually provide an option for direct download. If you prefer to get it through other means, just follow the links below. Most of the official websites offer safe, reliable and encrypted service. In case you are dealing with a rogue site, you will not be able to get the program.

Downloading Tthe Mod Apk

Just before downloading the mod apk, make sure you are connected to the internet. Otherwise, your PC might not able to recognize the mod if you try to transfer it once the connection is established. As a rule of thumb, only people who are sure they are not cheaters, should try to download love hunter. This program is mainly designed to catch cheaters.

Catch Cheaters

Most people think that Love Hunter is a tool made to catch cheaters. Actually, this is a complete spy program and has features that will help to prevent identity theft. Aside from catching cheaters, this program also helps protect your privacy. Some of its features include logs, IP trace, and email capturing.

Apart from these features, there are many more benefits if you download love hunter assassin mod apk. It is also very easy to use and customize features according to your preference.

Different Versions

Love Hunter is a game that comes in many different versions. There are game packages that come with an anti-aliasing option, which can make the game look better. Other versions of the program do not come with this option. In fact, if you want to play with anti-aliasing on, you have to download hunter assassin mod latest version, which does not include this feature.

Capture Someone’s Username

One feature that is very unique about this software is that it allows you to capture someone’s username and password. You can use this information to access the user’s account and find out everything you need to know about them. However, you have to be careful with this feature.

Love Hunter allows you to capture someone’s username and password but you are not allowed to give them access to your accounts. It is recommended that you use passwords and username capture techniques to protect your accounts from unauthorized access.


When it comes to downloading games online, always remember to download games at a reputable site. Just like in any other websites, there are hackers out there who want to steal your personal information. Make sure that the site that you download from offers a money back guarantee. With a good service, you will be able to download games for free as long as you like. Love Hunter is one of those games that can never be too much fun to play, so get the latest version by downloading it right away.

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