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Love Balls is one of the most exciting games for your mobile. It is a physics based puzzle game where your brain gets a real workout. Love Balls is one of the most downloaded apps for mobiles and one of the most relaxing ones too. Love Balls are simple and easy to play and have loads of exciting features that make it perfect for everyone including kids.

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Love Balls Apk

The game concept is really simple, you just have to draw shapes or lines to bump the ball. Make your own mind on how much time you want to play, the lower the version number of the older versions are better. Love Balls latest version is a challenging brain teaser with unique challenges that will increase your analytical powers. Love Balls are free download app from Google Play and can be played directly from your android device.

Older Versions

Love Balls game is completely free and the latest version has many exciting levels. It was designed by award winning psychologist Niles Crane who has made quite a name for himself as an intellectual advisor and psychologist.

Love Balls game was first launched back in 2021 and its popularity has gone on to phenomenal heights. Love Balls game features the best of both worlds with easy rules, cute graphics and mind-boggling concepts.

Fun And Challenging

Love Balls are fun and challenging for both young and old. You can use these challenging games to improve your memory and general intelligence. Love Balls have always been compatible with almost all kinds of android devices from lower to higher versions and also for all the major carriers.

The Google application supports android devices running on Kit Kat 4.4 and above. You can easily install happy love balls according to your carriers specifications and make sure that your device is not locked.

Love Ball Easy Installation

Love Ball is simple to install and it comes in two different versions: one for phones and one for tablets. Love Balls for tablets has a slightly different interface and controls compared to its phone version. This latest version makes it easier to use and includes many exciting levels and unlockables.

Launch The Ball

Love Ball can be played on almost any Android device such as PDA’s, phones and tablets. Just take a tap on the screen to launch the ball, tap on any of the four sides to change the color of the ball and release the same side to slow down the pace or increase its speed. In addition, the new feature lets you keep playing until you run out of lives which makes it very exciting.

Newest Features

The newest Love Balls Game also includes exciting new levels and modes that provide endless entertainment. Apart from just bouncing your love balls you can now use them to attack other players. These games are a combination of the best features of the original Love Balls Game and added ones that make them more fun to play. Some of the exciting modes include; race, defend the castle, defend the town, and much more.

Red Jump Ball

If you loved the original version with the red jump ball you will love this new version. The latest version now comes with a green jump ball instead.

Now you can battle it out with the other players and see who can control the ball better using the various modes available. There are still a lot of levels to the game and the enemies will keep on increasing when you get closer to the end of the level so you should have an idea of how far you can go.


Love Balls is a unique and addicting game that is suitable for people of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl because Love Balls will definitely bring you joy. So what are you waiting for? Buy Love Balls and have fun bouncing your love lives away!

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