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Lost Within is a hidden object adventure game. A kind of “mini-adventure” game, which recreates the creepy world and the creepy atmosphere of a mental institution. The story is about a young girl – Amber, who lost her baby doll in a freak accident at a young age.


The only thing that remains in her mind is the desire to find it again. Fortunately, Lost has all the elements that make for an interesting game – mystery, eerie atmosphere, creepy creatures, and plenty of puzzles to solve on top of everything else.

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Lost Within – horror-themed mod apk. It’s about a girl called Amber, who lost her baby doll in a freak accident at a young age. Now, she’s haunted by nightmares and the hideous inhabitants of a psychiatric hospital. The story takes place in an old, abandoned psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. You’ll have to find clues to unlock the horrifying truth and save Amber from the grasp of the supernatural beings.


This is Lost Within’s first expansion, and it introduces new storyline, locations, and monsters. The story revolves around a young girl called Amber, who had lost her baby doll in a freak accident. The doll is somehow trapped within the gloomy grounds of the old psychiatric hospital.

The only way to find it again is to go on a strange interdimensional odyssey and go deep into the facility. You’ll have to find out where Amber’s lost doll is hidden and solve puzzles to uncover its location.

Different endings

As mentioned above, Lost Within has lots of adventure and horror elements. The mod also features a story campaign with many different endings. In this campaign, you’ll have to rescue Amber from the grips of the Mental State, a band of possessed humans that are bent on taking over the world and causing mayhem.

This terrifying group has several eerie creatures as allies, and even several robotic enemies. The objective of the game is to prevent the Masses from attacking humanity and starting a new society of super-beings.


If you want a more purely horror-oriented game, Lost Within can’t be beaten. It has all the qualities you would come to expect from a horror mod, such as creepy corridors, terrifying monsters, and an intense atmospheric setting. As mentioned above, though, Lost Within also has a very strong narrative.


You’ll have to piece together all the various bits of information scattered about, and this can become quite the effort. A lot of people don’t like the idea of having to work so hard to complete a mod, but Lost Within is actually very challenging to play and really deserves to be ranked alongside the other best horror mods.

Walking dead

One of the scariest parts of Lost Within is the “walking dead”. Apparently, there’s something alive down there because of the massive amount of Zombies that appear, and you need to kill them in order to progress through the levels.

Sign of blood

Unfortunately, killing them doesn’t always work, as there’s often no sign of blood or flesh when you slice one zombie’s head open. This can make it very difficult to tell whether you’ve actually killed the walking dead or not. This adds an extremely tense and memorable element to the game.


Despite this difficulty, Lost Within is still a highly entertaining mod for those who are into horror and sci-fi adventure. In fact, many people who download and install lost within apk consider it to be better than many horror games available right now. It features a gripping storyline, creepy locations, mysterious figures, and a number of puzzles and achievements – something that not all horror games have.


To download and install Lost Within, you need to find the official Lost In Apk Mod version, which can be found on the Android Market. You should then go to the “APK Editor” section of the application and install the mod, if it’s not already installed. When prompted, fill in all the details required and click the “upload” button. It will take just a few moments for the changes to take place and your APK file will become infected with the mod, allowing you to start playing the mod.

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