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Lord of the Fellows is a role playing game which is quite new and most probably in the market for at least three months. This game can be played online and it can be downloaded from the Internet. It is available free of cost and many people are still playing the game even after so long. Many of them had played the original version while some of them only play the pre-release versions. This game is all about story of a hero and about the struggles of different classes to achieve his goals.

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Lords of the Fallen

L Lords of the Fallen on the other hand is about story of a rogue. It is also set in the same universe as Lord of the Rings. It is all based on the fantasy and it is about a group of characters who are fighting against the dungeon dwellers. It looks completely amazing and it doesn’t need a very high end mobile phone to run as it is graphically-rich and really looks stunning.

Massive Strength

The basic story behind L Lords of the Fallen revolves around a group of four guys who were once the best burglars but now, they are barely managing to get by because of one major obstacle. The main character is a Ranger that is known for his incredible archery skills, his uncanny ability to sneak and to climb, his powerful brawn and his massive strength.

Lords of the Fallen Mod

To play the game, you need to download the Lords of the Fallen mod from the Internet. Installation process is easy and just a matter of minutes. There will be an option to select the mod settings from the menu, from there, you can change all the parameters including the level of difficulty, the appearance of the game, the kind of weapons available, the skills and abilities of the characters and much more. Each and every parameter can be changed according to your preference.

Different characters

You play the game as one of the protagonists and you have to put on the role of different characters which are presented in a variety of ways. You can be a gruff, tough guy who is known as the Heavyweight in the group and you can also be a quiet, yet intelligent character who uses a unique set of weapons and magical spells in battle. However, you don’t need to know any particular set of skills or abilities in order to succeed. The game is all about using quick wits, your quick wit and the power of gothic monsters to kill your enemies!

Sound Effects

Android fans can enjoy this action-packed game with its awesome graphics and exciting sound effects. All the monsters in the game are based on true stories and the backgrounds are totally gothic in nature. The background scenery includes the ruins of Rome and other famous cities. Apart from the amazing backgrounds the game also features sounds that are created using the best audio tools available on the market: Massive Attack Music, Spectacle Sound Bank and Zombie Noise.

Undead Lord

If you want to get in touch with the undead Lord of the Dead you can download the Android version of the game. In the Android version you will lead the noble Lord Christian alongside his soldiers as they fight against the hordes of the demon queen in search for her head. The Android game provides several scenarios that let you choose either the good or evil path and use the various weapons and magical spells in battle.

Lord of The Fallen Mod Pack

The game is supported by several modding tools including the popular Lord of the Fallen mod pack which will turn your mobile into a deadly killing machine. The mod pack will enable the game to use the power of the zombies, the giants and the dragons and will make them attack the enemies without mercy. In the event that the modding tools don’t work on your smartphone you can always use the inbuilt content management system which will keep an eye on all the changes that have been made. You can easily download the mod pack from the Android marketplace.


The makers of Lords of the Fallen are aware that their game is just not enough to make it a success on the mobile market. This is why they are offering the special mod money that enables the owners of the different scenarios to be able to fully customize their players. All the in-game money is automatically sent to your account. With this mod money you will be able to buy all the latest weapons and armor that will allow you to become a lord among the undead.

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