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One of the most famous comedians of all time, John Looper, created one of the funniest movies of all time with Looper. Since its release, the Looper series has become a cult phenomenon. Now Video Looper is an easy-to-use screensaver-style app that plays a chosen video from a non-stop, repeat loop – perfect for use on trade show booths.

Looper Mod Apk modifies the classic game, “Space Invaders.” Video Looper’s unique brand of humor and ” loops” (video interludes) has made it incredibly popular with users.


Looper was released to the Apple Store less than a week after it was released to the public. Prior to this official release, the Looper apk had already been downloaded over 9 hours ago.

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This fast demand makes this app one of the quickest apps to be downloaded on the Apple Store. The Looper app can be used on any iPhone or iPad – although it doesn’t work quite as well on the newest models due to the increased size of the text on the screen.

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To use the Looper app, one must simply drag and drop the icon onto the screen. Then, launch the app. It will take around five to seven minutes before you can actually start playing the game.

Looper Modifies

In case you’re wondering how the Looper modifies the classic game of Space Invaders, here’s the lowdown: instead of dropping the alien invaders like in the original version, you have to guide them using the device’s mouse pointer. Looper Mod Apk works in three different stages, after which it fades to the space background. After all that, you’ve collected enough stars to unlock the queen!

If you don’t have an iLSB compatible iPod, this app won’t work for you. Looper uses the Mp3 pulse audio file to playback the loops, therefore compatible iPods simply won’t play it with the Looper mod installed. The good news is that the Looper Mod Apk has an option to turn off the speaker icon during playback, so you don’t have to listen to that annoying audio loop any longer.

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Once you’ve started the game, the graphics may look a bit strange due to the use of a few custom graphics, but this is actually part of the appeal! The Looper is designed to be really cool, so it’s not surprising that it looks great.

The First Level

The first level of the Looper contains a couple of different scenes, namely the ship boarding scene and the desert scene. When you’ve completed this level, a cut-out scene takes place that shows your character chasing the aliens and sending them hurtling towards an approaching spacecraft.

At this point, the Looper starts to play the same type of audio that is used throughout the rest of the game. Looper starts its action in the ship’s cockpit where a message starts playing that says “You are connected to every star in our galaxy! Behold the Looper Mod Apk!”

Since the game can last up to nine hours, it makes it a very good idea to try it for yourself for a week. If you find that the Looper really holds your attention throughout the week, you should be willing to pay the reasonable price of $9.99 and download it on your computer.

iPod Touch Users

Although it’s not the best game available for iPod Touch users, it may end up being one of your favorite downloads, since you can get the Looper for just the price of admission!

Once you have downloaded Looper to your iPod Touch, you can start playing it immediately by connecting it to your Wi-Fi network. In most cases, you will receive a code by email which you simply need to follow and your device will become ready to play the Looper.

Looper Apk

It’s a lot of fun, especially when you get the Looper movie version for iPod Touch and watch it right from your couch or bed! The Looper movies are excellent choices if you want to watch something you’ve recorded with your own home videos to watch over again.


The Looper isn’t just for the younger generation either. In fact, older people love Looper and enjoy using it even more than young people. Looper Mod Apk can be played over a long period of time without it getting old because it keeps playing at the same rate all the time.

Plus, Looper is so easy to control that even a child can get in on the fun of Looper. It’s a great family activity that everyone will be able to take part in. So go ahead and make Looper the next big family activity and have fun playing it for a few hours each day for a few weeks.

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