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Loop Runner is an addictive arcade game available for Android. The story revolves around a boy named Loop Runner who needs to find all the missing artifacts of his father, a famous explorer.

Along the way, he has to overcome various nasty surprises along the way that will make the journey more exciting and thrilling. You can download the Loop Runner apk from various websites online, for free. If you like it then you can upgrade to the premium version or get Loop Runner Free for further adventures.

Interesting Features

As I have said earlier, Loop Runner has a lot of interesting features which keep its players hooked on the gaming session for a long time. It has been downloaded by quite a large number of users and enjoyed immensely.

Most popular users love it for its amazing graphics and sound effects that provide a completely new experience to its players. Many 1 users have already upgraded to the premium version and avoid increasingly paying for their adware and spyware.

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Although Loop Runner is one of the most downloaded games, many people don’t know where to start or how to get started. Well, this is entirely a free game and can be played directly from the android device itself.

Unlock New Worlds

To unlock new worlds and start the Loop Runner experience, just connect your device to the internet via the GPRS network and go to the Loop Runner mod apk website. You’ll be prompted to enter your access code. Just put in the code and everything will be ready for you.

Apart from downloading the Loop Runner mod apk, you can also purchase the actual game from Google Play and App stores. Each of these has its own unique benefits and disadvantages.

You can choose the one that suits your needs the best. If you like collecting different power-ups then you should definitely opt for the power-ups edition. It gives you access to five power-ups which are essential to the game. The power-ups don’t last long but they can still make your adventure all the more exciting.

Finishing The Level

Loop Runner is very enjoyable as it gives a whole new meaning to running. It makes you want to keep on running and finishing the level in the least time. It’s a good way to release your stress and frustration.

Also, you’ll be surprised to find out that it is not very addictive. You can easily run through the levels in a matter of minutes. You won’t find any sudden change in pace or difficulty level.

If you love collecting different power-ups then you should definitely opt for the power-up edition. It gives you 5 power-ups that are essential to the game. You won’t run out of them. The power-ups don’t last long but they can still make your adventure all the more exciting.

Ultimate Edition

Loop Runner: Ultimate Edition is available for sale at a very reasonable price. It will not burn your wallet. It is compatible with both Windows computers and also Mac. You can easily enjoy this fun game on any computer and you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to play it.

Loop Runner: Ultimate Edition offers lots of fun stuff including the amazing 3D rendered backgrounds. You can play this game with or without the power-ups. It has been developed by Crave Entertainment.

This version also provides you with great sounds and a beautiful background. Those who have yet to buy this must try the trial version first so that they can enjoy its full potential.

Main Storyline

In this game, you can expect to complete the main storyline as well as the challenging multi-player levels. Although you can only play as Loop Runner, you will still find lots of things to do. The various levels are divided into two categories which are prison and military. You can select the level you prefer according to your skill level.

The prison levels are more difficult than the previous ones. The military levels are quite tough. You might face many armed groups in these levels. The difficulty increases when you become stronger.

However, there’s no such thing as a level cap in Loop Runner: Ultimate Edition. There are plenty more challenging levels that are waiting for you.


Loop Runner: Ultimate Edition is an extremely thrilling game that you can enjoy alone or with your family. You will definitely enjoy this thrilling game. The graphics and the sounds are done in a way that brings life to the scenes.

The fighting and shooting sounds combined together provide you with a real-life experience. Therefore, if you are looking for a new video game to play, I would recommend that you try Loop Runner: Ultimate Edition.

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