Lock’s Quest Apk [September-2022] [MOD Features Premium Unlocked]

Introduction Lock’s Quest Mod Apk

Lock’s Quest Mod Apk is an adventure-based RPG game created by 5th Cell. This is a fantastic game for mobile devices, particularly for those who enjoy construction games. The game was available for over 10 years and was ported to different platforms, such as PC as well as Nintendo. The game is where you be required to construct a fortress and employ tactics to protect yourself from monsters.

After you have killed creatures, you’ll earn cash and improve your fortifications. The game’s world Lock’s Quest is populated by strange creatures, bizarre characters, and an array of foes. The rich story will guide players through this game. As a clockmaker, you’ll build clockwork tools to defend your home against invaders.

You’ll construct towers, walls, and other defenses. You’ll make use of a variety of weapons to take on opponents and even engage in melee combat.

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It is akin to other strategy games and is built around the concept of defending your base against the waves of enemies. You must defend your base using a variety of tower gates, towers, and structures. There are a variety of towers. Some are fixed while others are moved around. The game begins at the beginning of the level, with a couple of bases that are set up at various points throughout the map.

As the level advances it will allow you to build additional bases and build new towers, structures gates, and towers as you advance through each level. The principal goal in the game is to defend your base from attacks through your defenses and by utilizing your resources in a wise way. If you are unable to replenish all your resources or run out of cash and you are unable to replenish your funds, you have to begin the level starting from scratch.


  • Make your defense stronger with awesome weapons like cannons, poison gas traps and sentry guns mines, flame throwers, and many more!
  • Make use of your skills to outwit your adversaries while they strike your walls from every angle!
  • Combat the robotic army in three distinct worlds with over 70 levels and mini-games.
  • Design your personal custom levels using the simple map editor. Download fan-made maps from Steam Workshop. Steam Workshop.
  • Find blueprints to unlock additional Items: During the building phase, you can use blueprints that you collect from defeating enemies to unlock new defenses and turrets.
  • Make use of a variety of weapons Make use of catapults, cannons rocket launchers, rocket launchers, and much more to take out your enemies.
  • Strategically Place Your Units to Get Maximum Impact: You are given the flexibility to put your units where you like. Be creative!
  • This is a full-featured game that does not require In-App purchases or ads.
  • Create custom defense structures or make use of pre-designed designs to protect yourself from Lord Agony’s advanced army of mechanical soldiers.
  • The more you level up your hero, the faster you unlock new defense structures, unique attacks, and strong guardians.
  • Create and present your own custom defense designs using a powerful map editor.
  • Create a turret arsenal, traps, and walls to prevent the Clockwork Horde from reaching the Core.
  • Engage in intense real-time combat as you fight alongside your turrets.
  • Gather blueprints for the creation of new objects and structures.
  • Enhance Lock’s abilities and strengthen him in combat.
  • Explore the vast world map and unlock new locations as you advance through the adventure.
  • Explore a compelling story that is told through beautifully rendered cutscenes.
  • Play for 75 days of fighting in 8 different environments.
  • Enjoy all the content from Lock’s Quest on Android! You don’t need to purchase additional levels or add-ons!
  • An array of enemies Combat a diverse assortment of robots each with their own capabilities ranging from basic foot soldiers to huge mechs!
  • 150 levels (including Bonus levels) Test your strategic skills against an array of boss and enemy waves. fights.

Mod Features:

  • Unlocked All
  • Infinite Health
  • Max Damage
  • Instant Build
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Infinite Money
  • Unlimited Crystals

How do I download it:

1. Download this game directly from the Google Play Store or simply download the mod from mirrors:

Step 2. Download the apk onto your Android device using USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. Do not skip this step if you’re using an Android phone to download this mod.

Step 3. Click Settings > Menu > Security, and make sure to check Unknown Sources. This will allow the Android device to download the game from other sources beyond Google Play Store.

step 4: Navigate to the Location where the Lock’s Queest Mod Apk was downloaded with an application manager for files and then tap it.

Phase 5:Follow these instructions on the screen in order to complete installing the game.


The most fascinating game is Lock’s Quest, currently from the category of Android games and apps you can download at no cost. It’s a game that’s an average size, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your device which means you are able to play the requirements. The gameplay at Lock’s Quest is quite an enjoyable experience.


Q. How do I use Lock’s Quest Mod Apk?

It is a Lock’s Quest game that has been created through THQ Nordic. The game is a sci-fi theme of the game. The game is accessible to IOS and Android players.

Q. How can I download Lock’s Quest Mod Apk on Android devices?

The procedure to download Lock’s Quest is pretty much simple. It is all you need to do is get the download and then install it onto your computer. Then it is waiting to be played on your phone.

Q. Does it make sense for you to use Lock’s Quest Apk?

Yes, it’s beneficial to play this game. Lock’s Quest is a great app. It is necessary to complete the arcade mode in order to gain access to the story-based mode.

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