Light a Way Tap Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

Light a Way to Cure Light: Darkness fell over the earth, and evil dark creatures emerged out of it, their only purpose to engulf everything in its path. It’s up to you, to defend the mankind you have been gifted with the powerful Flare Staff.

Gifted with the powerful magical Flare Staff, you have to take the chosen path to illuminate the world and eliminate the darkness that has doomed the land you journey on.

But, how can you do this if you lack the knowledge to light a way to heal? Just learn more about the Light a Way Tap mod and solve the puzzle behind the mod, and you will be ready to go Light a Way to cure Light and see the results for yourself.

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Enhanced Range

What is more, this mod has an enhanced range of attacks, which allows you to attack multiple enemies at once. The mod has a strong defense, too, so even if you are faced with a difficult situation, your Flare Staff will always be able to defend you.

Plus, you won’t be slowed down by any status effects, which makes the overall defense and attacking process much easier. Using the mod will also increase your energy, allowing you to deal with more enemies without getting much downtime.

Game Play

Flare Tap is not just a Light a Way Tap mod. It is, in fact, a great example of customizable gameplay. When you are in combat, the only thing you can do is to select the enemies you want to attack and use your Flare Staff.

The following menu will then appear, giving you different options to choose from. You can switch between different attack styles to change the effectiveness of your Flare Staff.

Different Healing Styles

This mod has four different healing styles available to you. If you use the staff in the appropriate style, the effects will be greatly improved.

For example, when you use the staff in Whirlpool style, you will instantly gain life points and an increase in movement speed. And while you’re at it, try using the staff in the Healing mode! That will definitely do wonders for your survivability.

Light a Way

Light a Way Tapeworm is a very fun mod. When you get attacked, all you have to do is click on the enemy and watch it being sucked into your stomach. It will stay there until you either kill it or escape. Once out of your body, the enemy cannot come back.

kill an Enemy

As for the downside, you have to kill an enemy to actually get the Light a Way Swamper. However, that is very easy to do, since it shares some similarities with other similar mods such as the Dragon’s Bite and Dragon Dance. So you really have nothing to lose by trying this one out! And if you happen to be someone who likes healing, this is a good mod to use along with the other two!

Heal Faster

Light a Way Swamper is great because it allows you to heal faster. If you can heal faster, you can take out more pests before they reach a health or power armor. This will allow you to kill more creatures quicker! Plus, if you are a tank, this will allow you to survive longer, which is always nice.


Light a Way Tapeworm is truly a unique mod. It may not be what you had been looking for, but it sure is something that you will enjoy. If you do not have it yet, don’t worry, it is still available as a download! Just search for it on your favorite search engine.


I am sure you have probably tried other “light away” mods out there. Many of them do not work very well at all. This one is a little different, though. I have personally used it to get rid of over 500 instances of swampland in a 10-hour game (yes, that is short).

Sweet Rewards

If you want to know how to get rid of swampland, then you need to read this guide thoroughly. It will tell you the best places to go, what to do, and what is or isn’t effective. It will also tell you why the first few attempts to remove this menace failed. It will teach you the best methods to use so that you can keep getting those sweet rewards!


If you want to try out light a way tapeworm, then this method has worked for me. Plus, it’s free! Now, you know where to look if you are having a hard time removing swampland from your game. So go hunt down this parasite and put an end to all that annoying fungal abuse today!


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