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Lemmings are an animated game for mobiles. It is an online multiplayer browser game. Its creator, Prabhas Bedi, has created the Lemmings game based on the Lemmings culture and folklore from Kerala, India. T
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October 1, 2022
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Lemmings are an animated game for mobiles. It is an online multiplayer browser game. Its creator, Prabhas Bedi, has created the Lemmings game based on the Lemmings culture and folklore from Kerala, India. This game has become very popular on social networking sites and some gaming websites.

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Lemmings Apk

In-game instructions on how to play Lemmings: Game of Lemmings are available on Android phones running on Jellybean or Kit Kat firmware. In this article, I will show you how to install Game of Lemmings and Pumbai Jungle on your Android by utilizing exactly the same way of playing Game of Timmy and Triton.

This is a funny game that has become very famous among android gamers. Here you’ll get to know more about Lemmings, its background, history, characters, and overall popularity.


Lemmings is a multiplayer browser game for mobiles that was developed by Prabhas Bedi. The popularity of Lemmings has led to the development of a number of follow-up games including Lemmings: Return of the Lemmings on Facebook.

The story of Lemmings follows a family of lemmings who return home after spending some time in the jungle. The storyline of Lemmings: Return of the Lemmings follows a young boy and his family, who reunite with their friends who had left them while they were on a hike in the forest.

Lemmings Features

Lemmings feature a unique and innovative concept of puzzle-solving gameplay. The unique feature of Lemmings is that it includes two distinct play modes, which enable players to experience a puzzle-solving and casual gaming experience. In-game, players need to locate all the objects listed on the screen.

Once a particular target is located, a Lemming’s puzzle piece will move to the exact location indicated on the icon. These Lemmings feature also allows you to use objects such as sticks, balls, and even plants to solve the puzzle.

Playing Lemmings

While playing Lemmings on Facebook, you can save your progress if you are not satisfied with the result. It is also possible to edit Lemmings by adding, deleting, or arranging objects.

These features make the in-game play much more interesting and fun playing. Apart from solving puzzles in the Lemmings Facebook game, users can also take a photo of objects on the screen and share it using a desktop or laptop.

Challenge Yourself

Apart from that, Lemmings also offers several other interesting features that have been designed keeping in view the preferences of different users. For instance, users can set a limit to Lemming’s level of progress. They can also pause or close the game if they want to go back to an earlier level number. Another interesting feature is the addition of new Lemmings games. You can try your hand at Lemmings Endless Games to challenge yourself.

Plane Crashes

Based on the premise, Lemmings is about a group of Lemmings who find themselves stranded on an island after a plane crashes. At first, the only house they could see was that of their pet Lemming, who loved them very much. However, as days passed, other Lemmings arrived on the island and started disturbing the Lemmings. Then, one of them – Chunk – decided to climb the highest mountain on the island, so that he too could see over the ocean.

However, he fell off the mountain and landed badly, injuring himself greatly. Soon, other Lemmings arrived and started looking for a way to return to the mainland, but they soon found out that they need to swim to the island’s shoreline in order to survive.


Based on the story and the premise, Lemmings is an extremely fun playing game that you will definitely enjoy playing. However, there are a few things that you should know in order to maximize the fun and increase your chances of winning the game. These are the in-game features that you should try to explore and take advantage of as much as possible. These features include:


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