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Last Hero is a Roguelike gun-shoot action game that you are free to play online as your favorite superhero to annihilate and defend the world with different aliens, masters, and villains. Will you beat the hundreds of zombies and discover the secret of the doomsday disaster?

You will have to make your own ways to overcome the challenges in Last Hero and be the hero who deserves the gratitude of humanity! Last Hero has many kinds of weapons and tools for your game and it will add more adventure and thrill to your life!

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Super action

This super action game is extremely interesting and gripping. The story of the game starts with a simple quest for a mysterious box. It soon becomes more exciting when you find out that the box holds dangerous weapons like bullet deflectors, energy pills, and tactical goggles which could really save your life!

These amazing and powerful tools will help you survive and fight against the hordes of zombies in the game. You also have the option to equip yourself with high-tech equipment to improve your chances of surviving in the game.

Puzzle, and adventure

The Last Hero is an excellent mixture of shooting games, puzzles, and adventure. It has been designed by combining all three exciting elements and is available for free on Google Play.

This game is not just a shooting game but it is also a puzzle game and it’s great to explore the different environments available in Last Hero. It allows you to use the Google Android device sensors such as GPS and accelerometers for interaction and provides a great gaming experience for those with low-end devices.

Last Hero mod

The Last Hero mod has been created by Xtreme Labs, an award-winning mobile application development firm located in sunny California. Xtreme Labs was founded by a passionate group of developers who started their venture after creating an original mod for their Android platform called Zombie Resurrection.

Their next project was the popular Zombie Shooter which became one of the best-selling apps on both the Android Market and iTunes App Store. After releasing Zombie Resurrect, they were inspired to create Last Hero which is now in its third version.

United States marine

This amazing action-adventure game lets users take on the role of John Doe, a United States marine who survived the sinking of his ship. One day, he wakes up on an island and sees that all of his friends have disappeared. John then starts to suffer from amnesia and does not know how he ended up on the island.

Terrorist capture

However, he somehow retrieves an android device and with the help of a few others finds a way back to the mainland. However, things get even worse when a group of terrorists captures the device, and John is forced to shoot his way out using only his moped bicycle. This is where Last Hero becomes important as it lets users take on the role of John Doe and escape from the island.

Zombie and disaster

The plot basically involves John Doe looking for a safe place wherein he can survive the zombie and disaster outbreak. Apart from this, there are other interesting features of the game such as the ability to buy weapons, buy apartments and buy motorcycles to make traveling around the cities easier.

The zombies are very common in most of the apk but you will see a lot of different zombies wandering around different cities in Last Hero. There are different icons provided to indicate different zombies as well.

Last Hero

There are a few other C in Last Hero, such as a ‘last man standing’ mode where the player has to survive as long as possible against a massive number of zombies roaming in different cities. Although zombies are common in most of the apk, some regions will provide a lot of danger such as radiation leakage and toxic gases which will also cause death if enough time is given.

One of the best features of the game is the storyline as it contains a touch of reality which makes the player feel more real despite the fact that it is an action-adventure game.


Last Hero also has some great sound effects which really add to the game experience. One of the best parts of Last Hero is the music score which is composed by Infection’s core member, Mark Abend. The game is not just about surviving but also about earning respect in a new post-apocalyptic world by overcoming zombies.

Last Hero also has an options menu where all the options are available, allowing the player to choose what he wants to do and how he wants to do it.

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