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Last day in the world is an iPhone application that can be downloaded free of cost. Last day in the world is an innovative game available for mobile users. Last day in the world is a simple but addictive game where zombies appear and attack you. It’s a survival themed game based on a story of a boy who survived the last day in the world.

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Last Day on Earth

Last day in the world is an amazing online game in which you just need to survive against the zombies. In this game, you just need to survive in a certain period of time against the zombies. You can see the graphics of a graphic novel through your android phone screen and enjoy Last Day in the world for free. Last day in the world is an exciting flash-based mobile game where you need to save oneself from a group of zombies.

Essential Requirements

To play this game successfully, one must acquire some essential requirements and software. The basic requirement is a high-speed internet connection or DSL connection. This is required to access Last Day in the World using Last Day in the World mod. Last Day in the world is not compatible with all models of LG and Nokia phones. You should check the compatibility details before downloading the game data to your device.


The second requirement is Obberer, an application needed to load Last Day on Earth. Obberer is available free of cost on Google play. You need to install it in your computer and launch Last Day on Earth through it. After successful installation of the mod in your computer, you need to open the game data folder. Then, you need to search for the icon of Obberer.

Install Button

Next step is to download the mod, which can be done by copying the entire folder of Last Day on Earth into your Android device. After that, launch the program and load the Last Day in the World mod. Click on the green arrow icon towards the left of the screen. It will take you to the main menu of Last Day on Earth and you need to select the install button.

Unlimited Weapons

One of the best things about Last Day in the World is that, it has unlimited weapons, which makes it an exciting game for people who don’t have much time to kill. It also comes with a tutorial, where one can learn how to use all the weapons effectively.

Classic Ones

This mod has several types of weapons including the classic ones, rocket Launchers, Stinger Rigs, Plasma Grenades and the explosives devices. The player can get any of them by spending points earned throughout the game. This game has several levels, which makes it more challenging to complete.

Interesting Storyline

Last but not least, Last Day on Earth has an interesting storyline, which makes it more intriguing. The story revolves around an abandoned island, which is populated by zombies. It is up to you to find a way to survive, while learning more about yourself through the different aspects of this survival game. You can find information about zombies on the internet, and then purchase the weapons and learn about each weapon.


Last Day on Earth is one of the latest survival games, which allows players to enjoy their time in the sun. The Last Day on Earth is an exciting mod for anyone interested in survival games. This version of Last Day on Earth lets players enjoy all the aspects of the real Last Day on Earth, while giving them a challenge that they will never forget. With its high quality graphics and interesting storyline, Last Day on Earth is a worthy download.

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