LabBuster Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Gold/ Money)

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LabBuster is an addictive casual shooter, bullet hell & rogue-styled game. How many bullets do you dodge? Meet the cutie but unforgiving little monsters known as LabBuster. Your mission is to eliminate as many enemies as possible without getting hit. You are a bounty hunter (that’s what they call the ones that shoot you) tracking down an elusive criminal whose only target is… your avatar.

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It takes the roguelike formula to a whole new level. The storyline of LabBuster is quite fast-paced, intense and full of twists & turns that keep you guessing. There are so many elements that make up this game yet it doesn’t seem like it goes over bumpy at all. It flows well from one moment to another. It is extremely challenging; I almost finished it before I restarted it. The graphics and sound effects are both very well done.

Key features

One of the key features of this game is the in-game use of the keyboard arrow keys. Holding down both keys will perform a combo. Pressing either the space bar or the Control key will perform special “moves”. These moves will break or destroy many monsters including the regular berserking ball. Some of the other key features of the game include the ability to change costumes, change weapons, equipment, and many more.

Animated cartoon

The graphics of the game are very nice, I especially love the animated cartoon style of the head of the labbuster. The bullets are colorful and well designed. The in-game currency used is the same as the real money you would spend real cash at casinos, it is also redeemable in the roguelike mode and you can use the earned credits in the bullet hell mode to buy upgrades for your character.

Cool features

Some of the cool features include the ability to change the player’s appearance according to the level of the game. You can change your clothes, hairstyle and even voice. The game has a leader board where you can see your position in the player rankings.

Other than that, there is an unlock system where you have to learn and master certain techniques to progress through the ranks. For example, you need to delete the game without connecting your computer to the internet.

Regular labbusters

In order to defeat the more difficult boss monsters, you must use the right kind of weapons and armor. Weapons and armors have different advantages and disadvantages in every mode of the game, including the bullet hell and the regular lab busters.

For instance, the regular labbusters have weaker shields and armor. They are not suited for fighting the stronger monsters. The bullets are meant for killing the lesser demons and monsters.

The Roguelike mode

The Roguelike mode in the LabBuster mod apk allows you to choose from a variety of guns and armors. You have many options to improve your arsenal. There are also many different types of bullets available. Different levels require different kinds of weapons and armors. There are also special power-ups that will help you kill the more difficult monsters.

Security settings

You can check the official Google Play Store for the version that you want. Please block in-app purchases in Google Play if you are unsure about your security settings. I am pretty sure that you would not want your secret information stolen by rogue downloads. I hope that this review was helpful. Thanks for taking the time to read my review.

Positive feedbacks

If you are interested in this mod, I would suggest that you check out the Google play store for a demo version of the mod. Although there is a lot of positive feedback about the mod on the Google play store, there are still a few negative reviews.

One problem is that you can’t select the different colors that the game is supposed to look like in the apk. If you want the full version of the mod, please make sure that you have an installed Android apk on your computer.


Please make sure that you have read the terms of service of the Google Play application to avoid downloading any viruses or malware to your device. I would suggest that you uninstall the LabBuster application while it is still installed on your PC.

Please block in-app purchases in Google Play while you are still in the application. I hope that this article has helped you decide if you would like to download LabBuster or not.

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