Knife Throw Free Robux Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

Knife Throw Free Robux is a rogue-lite game based on knives, with you defending yourself from waves of attacks by the evil Knife Master. It’s a game where your aim isn’t so much to hit the target as to avoid being hit yourself, and as such, doesn’t offer any weaponry whatsoever other than the simple push button.

Despite this, Knife Throw Free Robux Mod Apk does manage to be incredibly enjoyable and provides some genuinely addictive qualities that make it a joy to play. Here’s a quick rundown of its features, and tips for getting the most out of it.

Knife Throw Free Robux

The biggest and most exciting part of Knife Throw Free Robux is the modding aspect, which grants you the ability to completely overhaul the game. This is done through a series of files and codes which Knife Throw creates, and only Knife Throw can edit them.

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As such, there are only a few of these changes which you’ll need to take care of, but they make the whole game more interesting and varied, making it fun to return to and explore new areas. The fact that you’re restricted to using only push buttons makes this even more fun since you can get into plenty of fights and shoot everyone with your kart!

Knife Throw

Of course, you can also opt to use Knife Throw Free Robux’s Mod Apk regular free download. What this will get you will have the same basic features, as seen in the final version of the game: the Knife Throw lower handle, the knife throw button, and the aim button.

The difference here is that the Knife Throw lower handle is available in two versions: one that automatically fires the kart, and another which requires you to press a button in order to fire it. You could try the second one! Well, maybe not entirely “intelligent” (we’ll come to that later), but it does allow you to play around a little bit.

Knife Throw Offers

And in any case, you’ll have all of the extra files/codes that Knife Throw offers. For example, there’s an animation sequence that you can view, and one that plays when you move the camera. This is just a really simple, neat feature that really adds to the immersion.

However, you’re going to need the Robux System to unlock all of the goodies. This is a hidden area that can only be found in Knife Throw Free Robux Mod Apk, after which you can go to Robux Caverns and speak to Jero. There, you’ll find a chest that contains the Robux Codes.

These codes are what you need in order to continue playing the game, and they’ll unlock all sorts of goodies, including the ability to transform into a dinosaur! There’s a short cinematic that plays when you activate the code, and then Jero explains that these are special codes that aren’t actually part of the story but are instead part of Robux itself.

Activate The Code

But wait – I thought you could only get them if you threw a Knife Throw. No problem! In Knife Throw Free Robux Mod Apk, if you activate the code by throwing a Knife Throw, the game will reward you with a shiny blue gem. And since gems fall from the sky, this means that you can literally get more of them by just collecting the gem fragments in the air. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a rare gem!

The best part about Knife Throw Free Robux is that it’s completely free! It’s just a shame that you’ll only get it for a trial period of 24 hours, which is only two days of gaming time! But then again, it’s well worth the limited time you have… because there are some really neat hidden features and achievements within the game! For example, there’s this secret trophy that only exists in the game!


The secret is to find and use the ‘Robux Table’ whilst playing Knife Throw Free Robux Mod Apk! It’s a rotating puzzle that moves back and forth across the screen, and unfortunately, you won’t see it until you’ve completed the game! But the funny thing is that you can’t actually pick up the table – it’s simply floating in the air above you.

To get the trophy out of it, you need to first touch the table and then place the gems on the table in order to get the right color. It’s really easy, and it will make you wonder why other games don’t have such neat hidden features like this one!


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