King of Thieves Apk (Unlimited Gems / Gold)

King of Thieves mod APK download the Latest Version

Download the King of Thieves mod apk and play with unlimited orbs. The game features a cute animation style and fresh colors similar to its archetype Cut The Rope, King of Thieves also achieves impressive feats due to the amazing constant interaction, a mixture of hopping and running. Also, it is a battle between the players.

The main objective of the player with King of Thieves is to figure out how to break in and steal silver and gold from over 80 prisons throughout the kingdom, or from their friends. If you’ve ever played the game which causes disunity, as in Pirates King, you presumably recognize the tremendous pleasure of taking silver and gold from your friends or the other opposite.

To commemorate the 10 million players who downloaded, distribution company ZeptoLab released a major new update to King of Thieves. With this update, players are able to participate in fights with other players (Guild Battle). Two groups that have similar characteristics will battle one another to determine what group needs to invest and more jewels. and also win gold coins.

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Key Features:

  • Use TREASURES to build YOUR COLLEGE. Taking is enjoyable! Collect gold and pearls from other players to transform into the most successful cheat in the world.
  • Protect your the LOOT. Plan a correctional officer, set traps and steps to stop others from earning your money. Watch them stuck in your traps. There is no escape, muahahaha!
  • Learn about ancient spells. Gather fascinating jewels from magical circles, master spells, and become more grounded. Make use of the power from the Ancient Totem to crush your foes!
  • Join your Guild and FIGHT in the ARENAS. Discover dependable thieves and declare war against various societies. Your group will triumph in various fields, securing incredible rewards!
  • Guarantee The Third. Jump into the game, improve your skills, and watch other competitors from all over the world rise up the leaderboards. Change your seat so that you can develop your hoodlum skills further.
  • Modify YOUR OUTFIT. Pick an excellent outfit that is perfect for your personality. You can be a stylish hoodlum, and be different from the rest!
  • Explore and TRAVEL. Test your skill through 112 single-mode challenges or plunge into an underground realm of user-generated content.


The game’s design is based on the game’s action and control of characters through one-touch controls that couldn’t be more simple. King of Thieves is an exclusive intellectual game that has been accessible for Android as well as iOS operating systems since the beginning of the year.

Its versions on Windows PC and Windows Phone just came out a couple of months in the past. The game blends playing games that run and a battle between players. The game is a great choice for players who wish to challenge their minds. It can also inspire them to become enthralled with the new bunkers.

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