Kamen Rider: City Wars Mod Apk ( MOD Features Full)

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In Kamen Rider City Wars, heroes will once again join together to prevent the evil forces from rule. In fact, this game isn’t all that much more than an action-packed, fantasy role playing experience. The game blends both RPG battling and city building element into one thrilling game. You’ll see this blend of video game play in Kamen Rider City Wars: City Edition.

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Kamen Rider City Wars

This is one of the rare Kamen Rider City Wars games that doesn’t use the traditional flash engine. Instead, it utilizes the iOS platform. While flash games are certainly not going out of style, they are simply becoming a rarity for game developers due to their limited supply.

Utilize the power

Flash has also been used in many other popular video games such as Guitar Hero, so it certainly limits the type of content that can be created. Developers are finding it easier to utilize the power of mobile devices to deliver amazing graphics, high quality sound, and multi-player online options. With this in mind, we believe it is a great time to consider trying out an iOS version of Kamen Rider City Wars.

Japanese animation

One of the best parts of the game is the gorgeous Japanese animation. The style and detail of the animation is excellent. You’ll have the opportunity to see Kamen Riders in their actual natural state, which is a thrill for anyone who has ever wished they could be one of the Kamen Riders.

3D graphics

You can also experience the fight between the good guys and the bad guys with the use of 3D graphics. The original version of Kamen Rider City had 3D graphics as well. Unfortunately, this version requires that you purchase the pricey iPhone to enjoy.

Evil monsters

If you do purchase the iPhone version of Kamen Rider City Wars then you will have a better chance at fighting and protecting the citizens of Den-O. The story begins with Kamen Rider Ryoh and his partner Shin Gojira riding on a hover-like truck and traveling throughout the city to fight evil monsters and save the citizens.

Vampire followers

While doing so, they encounter the evil wizard Andres and his vampire followers who want to destroy the city. This causes them to battle it out with the help of Ryoh and his allies who have powerful glowing bracelets and magical balls that allow them to make a powerful punch.

Traditional fighter

Although this fighting game looks like a traditional fighter, there are actually quite a few differences. First of all, instead of the player taking control of each of the characters in the game, they are instead the fighters themselves. This leads to a number of different gameplay possibilities. You can play as Ryoh, Shin Gojira, Jubei, H Hikari, Bison, Pekon, and Ibis, each with their own special moves and attack styles.

Famous Kamen Riders

The best kamen rider games allow the player to take control of the most famous Kamen Riders from the past and experience how they handle in battle. In addition to that, they can be seen in action as they go up against some of the best villains from the series.


If you are a fan of the Kamen Rider series, then you will definitely have fun playing these games. Plus, you can also level up your hero as you go through the game. However, there is one trophy that you won’t want to miss out on when you play as any of these superhero’s the Kamen Rider Double Cross trophy.

Rider Double Cross Trophy

For the people who don’t know where the name of this particular Kamen Rider Double Cross Trophy came from, it has something to do with the four movie releases of the film franchise. These trophies, which include the Double Cross trophy and the Super Hero Shield Trophy, are only obtainable during the certain limited times in which limited movie DVDs are made available.

For example, during the movie’s festival, limited movie DVDs of the previous movie in the Kamen Rider series will be available for fans to purchase. Other than that, there is no other way of obtaining these great awards.


When the game was released, Kamen Rider City Wars immediately became a sensation. Many kids were glued to this addictive game and parents had to do their best to keep them away from it.

The reason why Kamen Rider City Wars is such a popular game is because it tackles serious topics like bullying, teenage fights, and even the evil organization V3. No matter what age you are, you will surely find yourself playing this great new fighting game that incorporates Japanese legends into the story line. It is always good to revisit the past and with Kamen Rider City Wars you get to do that.

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