Download JYDGE Mod Apk (MOD Features Full unlocked)

JYDGE is a random number generator application for mobile devices. JYDGE is an open-source project, which means that anyone can modify it and add their own functions. JYDGE apk is an example of this. JYDGE has some very interesting functions that will really surprise you. Here is what you need to know about JYDGE and how to use its features.

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JYDGE apk is a simple but effective app for random number generators. JYDGE was originally developed by programmer Tuodzi, who released the mod in 2021. JYDGE was one of the very first random number generators that were distributed over the internet.


JYDGE offers a lot of functions and is very simple to use. JYDGE was developed for both Android and IOS platforms. This article details the JYDGE apk for android and JYDGE IOS app.

Main features

One of JYDGE’s main features is its medals system. Medals are collected by earning achievements in JYDGE itself and from the various game modes available in JYDGE. Medals earn you credits, which you then use to purchase new levels, weapons, or other items in JYDGE. Credits can also be used to unlock new costumes in the game.

Full version

To download JYDGE apk mod full version, you need to use JYDGE IOS app. JYDGE IOS app is an application from Google that allows you to play JYDGE without downloading the mod. If you want to play JYDGE on your android phone, the JYDGE IOS app will work for you. It is also compatible with JYDGE version 1.2.


There are two ways to get JYDGE IOS app. The first way is using JYDGE downloads. You have 2 ways to get JYDGE IOS app. The first way is through JYDGE official site and the second way is through JYDGE IOS app.

Official website

To download JYDGE apk onto your phone, just go to JYDGE official website. There are two ways to get JYDGE apk onto your phone. The first way is through JYDGE official site and the second way is through JYDGE IOS app.

To download JYDGE IOS app, just go to JYDGE official website and then tap on “Download JYDGE Apk” on the right menu. You will see a button on the top right corner of the page.

Installation process

Once you click on the button, you will be taken to the download JYDGE apk onto your phone. Now, you need to enter your JYDGE link and password in the text box on the left side. In order to successfully complete this step, you need to know how to use the link and password.


After entering your JYDGE link and password, you can now start the installation process. Just follow the instructions given on the screen. Installation completed! You can now use JYDGE full version with its weapons, medals, achievements and leader board. You are now ready to jump into the thrilling world of full-version JYDGE.


For this game, you must complete all the levels within a time frame of 60 minutes. The game comes with 18 achievements which are split between all the game modes and levels. Some of these achievements include:


A new player, who is just about to start with JYDGE, can earn the achievements for shooting all the enemies and the zombies in single player mode. This requires the player to kill all the zombies and the enemies before the time expires. It also requires the player to finish all the levels within a certain time.

There is also a challenge achievement for those players who want to earn the achievements for scoring the highest scores in single player mode.

Enemies and zombies

For medals, you can earn medals for shooting down all the enemies and zombies while you are in mid air. You can also earn medals for destroying an enemy’s center or their base. These medals require you to hit an aircraft or a bunker using a specific weapon that is available only after you have mastered the new weapon.

These medals are divided between the versions of JYDGE so you need to try out all the versions to collect all the medals.

Shooting enemies,

The JYDGE flash game has many other options as well. Other than shooting enemies, you can also take up challenges with other players online. This allows you to fight against players around the world and challenge their scores. This is a great way to cheer up and also improve your own game.


Apart from these, the JYDGE also provides a number of exciting features that provide for great amusement. Apart from the medals, you can also try out the high score leader board and also find out the rankings of other players online.


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