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Jurassic Park was one of the most successful theme parks of its time, and many children were hooked on this film until the release of Jurassic Park III. Even though the third film in the Jurassic Park series featured the return of the Jurassic Park protagonists (presidents of the island), the theme park itself remained the same. The island became isolated once again, and the remaining dinosaurs were threatened with extinction.

In this movie, the island’s genetic experimentations were halted, leaving the island and its inhabitants largely alone. With no more Jurassic Park left to explore, the fate of the park was in jeopardy.

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Jurassic Monster World

Thankfully, the Jurassic Park III released in 2001 offered a resolution to the long-running dilemma. Featuring a number of returning characters, Jurassic Park III revolved around the idea of saving the island and its numerous inhabitants from extinction. Additionally, facing your enemies head-on using only a small, docile dinosaur such as the Velociraptor was a one-way ticket towards victory, since these dinosaurs are very weak and delicate in terms of defense.

Island’s Genetic

In Jurassic Park III, the island’s genetic experimentations were once again underway, creating a huge array of dangerous creatures. One such creature was the Aves, which had been enhanced with human-like features. The island’s sole security guard, a dinosaur called the Indominus Rex, was tasked to protect the facility from any attacks by these strange and powerful beings.

Jurassic Park III

Jurassic Park III saw the development of a new, high tech computer software that monitored the activities of the security guards and the island’s inhabitants. This computer, named Cortex, combined both traditional computer science with biological sciences to create a bio-hacking supercomputer capable of replicating itself to protect the island.

Jurassic Park III Feature

Jurassic Park III featured a number of novel ideas. As the novel opens, a dinosaur attack on the island is beginning to unfold. When two paleontologists (presumably led by Claire Dearing) go missing while investigating a mysterious and deadly outbreak in Costa Rica, a team of scientists led by a scientist named lease attempts to save their research.

American Tourist

When Claire and her colleague are captured along with twelve others including an American tourist, all is not well in Costa Rica. When the group finally makes it to the island, they come across a massive cage containing numerous Jurassic Park III dinosaurs, and some even survive. Thanks to their hardiness, these creatures are used as traps to trap the otherworldly predators who attempt to destroy the facility.

Jurassic Park Franchise

While this story is based on the Jurassic Park franchise, it successfully captures the spirit of the original film. However, Jurassic Park III presents a number of improvements, which make this installment even more enjoyable for fans of the original.

One such improvement comes in the form of the ” Jurassic Park ” videogame. In this version, players take on the role of a paleontologist, who must explore the dinosaur-filled island using new technology and locate the various animals that reside within.


The island itself is run on a tight time schedule, and without any means of transportation or communication, the island’s only means of communication are through telephones and radio towers. The player’s task is to find a means of getting into the facility, rescue the missing scientists, and solve the mystery behind the impending dinosaur attack.

Jurassic Park III Gameplay

Other additions to the Jurassic Park III gameplay include a number of new species to encounter, a wide range of different environments to traverse through, a large number of weapons to use against the dinosaurs, and an advanced Genetics system that allows the player to make their own Jurassic Park creations.

Players can create a number of different characters that include a dinosaur, a human, or an LVanian to fight alongside them in battle.

Different Weapons

There are a wide variety of different weapons available to combat the dinosaurs including bulldozers, tanks, helicopters, rifles, bows, and arrows. There is also a Time Attack option in which the player can attempt to save as many animals as possible while they avoid being eaten by the monsters.

This Time Attack mode is quite challenging, but well worth the challenge because the longer it takes you to save the animals, the higher the score you earn!

Jurassic Park III Enemies

The Jurassic Park III enemies consist of many different creatures, including T-Rex, Velociraptors, Pterodactyls, and several other prehistoric creatures. Some of the new enemies include a T-Rex that is able to fire energy blasts that are particularly difficult to defend against and several new and improved versions of the aforementioned dinosaurs. The T-Rex, Velociraptor, and Pterodactyl have powerful attacks, as well as defensive mechanisms that make them less vulnerable to attack.

Hidden Features

There are also some hidden features in Jurassic Park III. For example, there is a cage on the island that will contain Xenomorph pupae that will grow and attack if the player is too close. Other additions to the game include several different puzzles to solve, as well as a co-op mode where two players work together to save the park from the clutches of the Jurassic invaders.


One of the newest additions to Jurassic Park III, however, is the Jurassic Park Giganotosaurus. This dinosaur-shooting machine was added as part of the timed co-op play mode, where up to four people can race to shoot down the Giganotosaurus.

As with other machines in the game, the Giganotosaurus will receive extra damage if it is targeted by a laser. As with all of the modes and levels of the Jurassic Park series, the Giganotosaurus will only grow bigger, but it makes it easier to aim accurately and to defend the park against more aggressive dinosaurs.

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