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Every day we introduce an app that is new and one of the most popular among you can be the modified versions of WhatsApp that we offer you. Modified versions are extremely efficient as they come with useful features. Therefore, JT WhatsApp is another modified version. JT WhatsApp is yet another modified version.

JT WhatsApp

The modified versions include different beneficial features. Similar to for this mod too. With this mod, you’ll get additional useful options like blocking the blue tick but being able to see the blue ticks of your contacts. A similar situation applies to the status display.

In addition, as you can see in mods, there are a variety of themes you can apply to your WhatsApp and this application also has many amazing themes that it has it’s own. You can choose the theme you prefer.

The next feature of this application is the various choices for customization of the objects within the app. You can change the color as well as the location, size of the placement, and many other aspects of various UI elements.

In the original version that was available, there was a limitation on the size of files that could be sent that were up to 100MB. However, in this version, the limit is no longer in effect and you can also send larger files by using JT WhatsApp Apk. JT WhatsApp Apk.

Additional Information

Size 44MB
Version v20
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and Up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 30 April 2022
Category Whatsapp
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It is possible that you are thinking the JT WhatsApp has lots of extra features and therefore it should be complicated to use, however, it’s not the case. It is possible to use the app with ease and gain access to every feature via the settings.

It supports the extra extension of files, and also the ability to send videos and images in their original quality, which was the primary issue in the original app. Furthermore, you’ll be able to know who’s online by the notification of toast floating while using the application.


To find out what you can regarding JT WhatsApp’s features, we’ll take an overview of the features and features in the following text.

View Deleted Texts

If your contact now sends you a message, and then immediately deletes it all over the world, however, you will still be able to view the message since it’s not deleted by you. This feature also works for group settings.

Separate Privacy Settings

Separate privacy settings allow you can apply your own privacy settings to your contacts in a separate manner. For instance, if you wish to let one person see your blue tick, but do not want another person to be able to see it, you are able to apply this setting using the custom privacy feature.

Auto Reply To Messages

The auto-reply feature to messages is an option that can be utilized within this application. It is as simple as typing the message and then choosing the time you wish it to be utilized. At that point, anyone who contacts you will receive this message in real-time.

Message Scheduler

A message scheduler is also accessible for you within this app. All you need to do is type in your message, and then choose the person to whom you would like to send your message and the time. After that, the message will be sent automatically to that individual.

Message Directly To The Number

There is no need in order to keep the numbers in order to use this app to test it. Simply enter the number, and send a text SMS directly, without saving the number.

Emoji Set

You can also alter the default emoji set on WhatsApp by customizing the emoticons of your choice. There are a variety of emoji sets that are available, and you can create your own pack.


In conclusion to the subject and to conclude the discussion, the JT WhatsApp is another best option for those who prefer the altered version of WhatsApp. Download this application via our link and experience all its amazing features.

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