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Jekyll & Hyde – Is the name a name that you would give to any mystery or thriller game that you have played before? If the answer is yes then the Jekyll & Hyde Mod Apk Review will be perfect for you. Jekyll is a well-known book of the same title and is actually quite an intriguing puzzle game that hits incredibly hard due to its dark, exciting plot and several twists and turns.

Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde – Is a detective story game based on the novels of the same title. Jekyll & Hyde, as most of you might have guessed, is about a murder mystery where you are put into the role of a professional detective. Jekyll is your primary suspect in the case and he keeps promising his innocence while the real killer hides behind the bushes.

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You play as Hyacinth Conner, a professional investigation officer who has just gotten back from working overseas and is now on his way home to take care of his family. Jekyll is after proof that your spouse is not being unfaithful to him by trying to get a private eye to dig up dirt on your spouse which could mean the end of your relationship if he is found out.

single-Player Mode

Jekyll & Hyde Mod Apk offers two modes for this amazing game, single-player and multi-player. In single-player mode, you’ll have to solve the mystery yourself while trying to find clues to the crime.

You’ll use a variety of tools and assets such as digital cameras, digital scopes, trace evidence, analyze digital photos, analyze computer files, radios, and mobile phones to help you in your investigation. You also have to complete several levels before you can unlock the next level, which will add more complex puzzles to the game.

But what if you want to play Jekyll & Hyde Mod Apk with the family? Why not just download Jekyll for free! This is an application that allows you to connect the game to your Facebook account and it even works on your iPhone!

The Jekyll code is modified to allow this and you can download Jekyll for free just by clicking on one of its icons which is located on the right side of your screen. This mod also lets you save all the files you’ve created on your iPhone!

Jekyll & Hyde Apk Download

Jekyll Island

Not only does Jekyll & Hyde offer you a free mod for Jekyll Island, but you can also purchase the Jekyll Island + expansions which include new stories and scenes. However, don’t just download the expansions, install them on your phone and you’re all set.

Download Jekyll for free and then purchase the Jekyll Island + expansions so that you can continue your adventure. Jekyll is a great mystery visual novel, where your tasks will be to solve the mystery while solving the riddles associated with each scene you uncover in the game.

Specific Age Limit

Jekyll & Hyde Mod Apk offers players a chance to have fun on any adventure they want to undertake. There is no specific age limit as far as this mod is concerned. And even if your child is 10 years old, they can still enjoy Jekyll & Hyde. However, you need to be wary of certain things.

The first is that you need to be connected to the internet, or have unlimited data transfer rate with your mobile to be able to use this mod. The other thing is that if you are using Jekyll & Hyde as a pay-per-play online game, you need to be over the age of twelve to be able to purchase items in the Jekyll Island shop.

This Jekyll & Hyde game also has a few extra features. You can listen to the story as you investigate each room, and unlock new objects as you complete each challenge.

Jekyll & Hyde Free Apk Download

Hidden Object Scenes.

Another great feature is the hidden object scenes. If you find the required journal and enter the correct code, you will have the option to listen to the story again. You also have the ability to purchase upgrades for your Jekyll & Hyde Camera, as well as change the skin of your character, thus adding more details to your virtual exploration.

Jekyll & Hyde & Jekyll & Hyde Deluxe are also available as in-game purchases. Although the features are quite similar, the differences lie in the extras that are provided with these purchases. With the Jekyll & Hyde Deluxe purchase, you will get an unlimited supply of hints, allowing you to find all the objects in every room of Jekyll Island.


There are also many special achievements that will make the game more interesting, such as discovering all the secret rooms, beating all the challenges, earning a unique number of points for every stage that you complete. These are only a few of them, so be sure to check out the official Jekyll & Hyde Mod Apk YouTube for a full list of everything that is included in the Jekyll & Hyde Deluxe version.

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