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ITALY Land of Wonders is a fascinating package by Land of Numbers. The development has been in the making since 2021 and it promises amazing features. This is a free version with limited features. The main aim behind the development was to create a user-friendly package that would appeal to the common people as well as IT professionals.

ITALY Land of Wonders features the real-life scenes of Italy as well as other historic spots around the globe. The package includes a special quest module with storylines written by Dr. Giuseppe Vianello.

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ITALY Land of Wonders

The story revolves around a real-life mission to recover a lost tablet. ITALY Land of Wonders features all the popular brands of Italian goods like Cannoli, Mastrocola, Pignolo, Tonka, and Vittoria. This helps to enrich the game experience. Elmo needs to be fed every now and then, so players should be wary about the number of players in the game.

Customization of Elmo

The most exciting part of ITALY Land of Wonders is the customization of Elmo. Players can change his look, voice, name, education, and hobbies to create their own character.

The different areas of ITALY Land of Wonders include ITALY Land of Wonders Apartment, ITALY Land of Wonders Floral Park, ITALY Land of Wonders Historic Site, and ITALY Land of Wonders Fishing Spot, and ITALY Land of Wonders Landscape. All these areas offer facilities like swimming, snorkeling, hiking, and cycling.

Collect Their Gifts

The players need to visit each location to collect their gifts. They can also purchase flowers and herbs from the market for further customization. Each gift has a price and players can decide on how much to spend for each. However, they can always choose to earn money by completing tasks in ITALY Land of Wonders.

through the tunnels

The players can buy vehicles for traveling throughout the ITALY Land of Wonders. One of the vehicles is the Pulsar. These vehicles can be used for traveling through the different places of ITALY Land of Wonders. The other vehicle available is the Tank. It allows players to travel through the tunnels.


There are many exciting features in ITALY Land of Wonders. For example, ITALY’s Land of Wonders offers a facility to get closer to animals. You can feed them, pet them and help them get back home again. The players can even take part in some hunting activities. This gives real value for money.

ITALY Deluxe

There is an advanced version of ITALY Land of Wonders called ITALY Deluxe. It includes many additional activities and areas. Some of these activities include the Graziella area, where a gazebo is constructed. There is also the Cave of Wonders, where a cavern with the likeness of Botticelli’s “The Bridge of Callasia” can be found. It allows players to have a close encounter with Botticelli’s painting “The Bridge of Callasia”.

Real-Life Version

There is a real-life version of ITALY Land of Wonders. The land is based on the real-life locations of Legoland, Mont Saint Michel, and Antibes. There are several gated compounds where the famous Disney characters once lived. It allows players to get close to the famous Disney princesses. They can also go shopping at the shopping malls of ITALY Land of Wonders.

ITALY Riva World

ITALY Riva World is another game based on the real-life Italian city of Rome. It allows players to enjoy their favorite hangout spots as they wander about Rome. There are several shops where tourists can purchase souvenirs that they can take back home.

Other areas include the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, and the Coliseum. ITALY Riva World also has its own flag and seal. This will allow players to show off their knowledge of ITALY when they visit this location during vacation.

The Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum is a great place to spend time in New York City. Tourists can enjoy special tours that are geared towards the tastes of specific groups. For example, the Louvre would be a good tour for art lovers and people who enjoy history. The Museum of Modern Art would be a perfect choice for young adults and college students. Groups who enjoy both modern art and culture can experience the Guggenheim Museum at the same time.

Public Transportation

ITALY has many more options when it comes to getting around town. Tourists can take public transportation, ride bikes, take long walks or drive to nearby villages and golf courses. They can also enjoy the local flavor offered by delicious food and wine.


There are so many great things to do while on all types of ITALY vacations. These activities should not be overlooked. If an American wants to go on an amazing vacation that he or she will never forget then all that is needed is a good travel agent. It is also helpful to be prepared for the unexpected and to make sure that you have everything that you need before leaving on your trip.

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