Into the Dead 2 Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Currency/Ammo/VIP/Free Upgrade)

Into the Dead 2 is certainly an excellent zombie survival PC game that originally released back in March of this year as a free-to-download title laden with all the usual cell-shooter microtransactions. The point of proceedings here is, of course, to earn your way through an unending maze of zombie-infested corridors as your character crawls ever forwards, your actions limited only to moving left to right on the keyboard.

Oh, and did we mention that you play using only a keyboard? Because this game takes just as much time ‘on the keyboard’ as it does with a controller in hand.

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Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2’s headline zombie action game is a great example of how effective combining the innovative audio side-scrolling backgrounds with top-quality zombie art can be. In addition, I have to mention that the zombie art is genuinely eerie and creepy. It fits in well with the rest of the atmospheric setting, blending in well with the general dark and gloomy mood of the game.

Undead Gameplay

However, I find that in order to completely enjoy the undead gameplay, you need to acquire the best Zombie weapons in the game first. Thankfully, Into the Dead 2 comes with a host of weapons available to players, each one offering unique benefits and features that will help you better fight off the hordes of mindless zombies.


For example, the crossbow is a fast, powerful weapon that can fire a deadly, slow-moving crossbolt across a large expanse of zombies. It’s great for taking out groups of these creatures, although if you want to get a good kill from afar, a shotgun or pistol would be a better option, since they offer more punch but don’t do as much damage in an attack like the crossbow.


A shotgun is also a great choice for combating hordes of the dead, especially since it’s fast firing rounds can easily take down multiple zombies at a time. The crossbow is useful too, but only if you know how to handle it. It can be hard to aim when dealing with hordes of zombies.


The flamethrower is another popular weapon, capable of burning zombies and dealing out a good amount of damage in a single blast. When using it wisely, it can be a potent weapon against the undead, since it’s capable of hurting hordes of zombies in a short amount of time.

Combat Loop

As I said, the issue with Into the Dead 2 isn’t so much the zombies, but rather the overall lack of variety in the game’s combat loop. While the gameplay loop is tight, it doesn’t offer much variation, and thus it gets boring after a while. The storyline is also predictable, and it’s not surprising that you will get all killed over again.

This is easily the downside of the game, which is a shame, seeing as it’s one of the better hidden object games out there. The price point is fair, and the game offers enough value for most people to give it a shot.

Technical Standpoin

From a technical standpoint, Into the Dead 2 runs smoothly and doesn’t have many bugs to report. I tested the game on a PC that was equipped with a good graphics card and an Intel Core Duo processor. Other requirements needed to be met, such as enough space for the game to install. There were no problems with these components.

Picture Quality

Sound and picture quality are both decent, and I didn’t come across any videos or photos of animation or facial expressions that could be commented upon, which could be seen as a criticism, but really, it’s not a big issue in its entirety.

Solid Fundamentals

From what I’ve seen, Into the Dead 2 seems to be a fun game with solid fundamentals. Playing as an undead, you will explore an open world full of zombies and creatures. The controls are simple, and there are a couple of weapons at your disposal to take down waves of the undead. Some of these weapons include a cross bow, chainsaw, and a large crowbar to help you take down larger groups of zombies.


Despite its small size, Into the Dead 2 has a lot to offer by way of Zombie Action Game play. You will find that it has replay value, as you can replay parts of the game to improve your score or challenge yourself. This gives the game a little bit of replayability.

Another thing it does very well is give you hours upon hours of zombie action, with all the weapons and supplies you need. If you like Zombie Games and have yet to try Into the Dead 2, I highly recommend it. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.


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