Imposter Solo Kill Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Coins)

Imposter Solo Kill is an exciting game inspired by the success of the popular online game among us. The game involves using a variety of social media tools and techniques to help you level up and complete your missions in Imposter Solo Kill.

If you enjoy playing online games, you will love this one. The storyline is based on the hit movie American Gangster. Impostor Solos Kill will surely make you feel very comfortable combined with completely brand new gameplay.

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Imposter Solo Kill

In Imposter Solo Kill, you play as either Darian Price or Rico Tubbs. These two characters are part of a criminal crew that operates out of an underground space station. Imposter Solo Kill follows the life of their main character, Darian Price, who is seen as a failed entrepreneur who owns his own company but refuses to let go of his dream of making it big in the business world.

Game Mechanics

However, he soon discovers that he needs to leave his current job and look for new opportunities in order to start progressing and making it big in his own company. Meanwhile, Rico Tubbs is another criminal that Price falls in love with, and the two become partners in order to complete their mission and save the crew of the Nautilus. The storyline and game mechanics are both very well developed to make you enjoy the game to the fullest.

Imposter Solo Kill Features

Like many other similar games, Imposter Solo Kill features a single storyline where you have to complete a series of missions while leveling up and earning cash. You can complete various missions on many different levels.

Some levels require you to find crewmates in need of repairs or food while others just need you to repair and food supply for the crew. The objective is always the same: find a crewmate and get them back alive so that you can continue playing.

Futuristic Society

The story is certainly impressive as it gives you a feel for what would be a futuristic society if we had better artificial intelligence and how the whole crew would have been affected if they were all uploaded with their own AI. Indeed, I was very impressed with how the game deals with android gamers.

They too are depicted as being inferior to humans, but in a bad way and you can see how they might be influenced to join the thieves’ crew in order to achieve their goals.

The Puzzles

I did have a couple of problems with this game. One of them was that the puzzles are very easy and one of them gave me an extra inventory item but I had already collected them during my previous play-through. Another thing was that the gameplay is quite simple; you need to swipe your finger over icons to make a combination;

some of them are not that interesting such as putting eggs in one hole and putting diamonds in another. Nevertheless, Imposter Solo Kill offers great replay value and it has lots of replay value since you can try different techniques with one finger and other special tricks with two fingers.

Co-op Mode

It was also a nice surprise to see that there is a co-op mode with eight players at once. This mode offers more replay value because you and your friends can play together and try to solve the puzzle together.

However, there are also two difficulty settings that were made to test the strength of your two fingernails. In the normal difficulty, you will be able to see that this is one of the easier puzzle games that can challenge the skills of two players; the challenge is on the hard side where you will need to use four-finger and the brainpower to solve it.

Eight Levels

There are eight levels in total and each level has ten stages; this is good news because each level will give you enough opportunity to learn new skills and you will be rewarded with a timely completion percentage.

Imposter Solo Kill has a very nice background and I especially love the graphics that were added into the gameplay to make everything look more amazing. Imposter Solo Kill also offers a very unique control scheme that was inspired by classic arcade games and that’s why it’s so enjoyable to play.

Story Behind Imposter Solo Kill

The story behind Imposter Solo Kill is intriguing enough and I really liked the two extra game modes that were added in. The first one takes you to the alternate universe where there are two versions of Rogue and Imposter and you can switch between them using the control pad.

The second one gives you an opportunity to play as the evil Rogue and Imposter themselves and you will definitely need to use the mouse to maneuver your character and check the hidden objects and enemies on the screen.


Imposter Solo Kill has a very nice control scheme that was inspired by some classic arcade games and it’s really enjoyable to play. I’m sure that you will love playing this puzzle game on your android devices, you will be happy to have this one on your mobile device as well because it will save you a lot of money you’d spend buying another gaming device.


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