Idle Supermarket Tycoon Apk [September-2022] (Mod Features Unlimited Money/Gems)

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In Idle Supermarket Tycoon Mod Apk you will build your own shopping mall. The goal is to earn as much money as possible, so level up your cash registers and hire more employees for your supermarket.

Start small, you only have enough money to buy one shelf in each supermarket, but the more you expand the more upgrades and opportunities will become available. Upgrade your stores from a small business to a large enterprise with several supermarkets around the world!

How It Works

Welcome to Idle Supermarket Tycoon, the supermarket simulator where you can help your empire grow with a single tap! Put your business skills to the test. Idle Supermarket Tycoon – Tiny Shop Game is an amusing store simulation game for Android devices where you can tap your way to building your own virtual supermarket empire.

The original supermarket management sim! Welcome to the most delicious and remarkable game on the Play Store. In Idle Supermarket Tycoon you get to grow your own business empire from a tiny corner shop all the way up to a swanky hypermarket! Are you ready for the challenge?

How to install

How to install Idle Supermarket Tycoon Mod Apk. Download the latest version of Idle Supermarket Tycoon Mod apk from the link below. Copy the downloaded APK to your Android device. Install the game. That’s it, play a new game with unlimited money and resources. Click Here to download the official apk.

  • Download the file to your phone straight away, or copy it to your phone from your PC.
  • Allow installation from unknown sources when you get a prompt.
  • Open the downloaded APK file and install it on your Android device.

Idle Supermarket Tycoon Mod Apk Features

The game has very simple gameplay. You start with an empty store and slowly add products to it. At first, there are only basic goods like fruits and vegetables, but as the game progresses you can add new items like meat or cheese.

You start with one cash register and one employee, but as you make more money, you can buy new ones to speed up the process of serving customers. There are also upgrades that give your store different benefits such as faster checkout times or better deals on products sold in bulk.*

  1. You can shop in this game.
  2. You can unlock new items.
  3. You can upgrade your skills and talents.
  4. The graphics of this game are very nice and unique.


Idle Supermarket Tycoon, Tiny Shop Game is an interesting, fun, and interesting arcade game from the Codigames game studio for Android devices, which is offered for free on Google Play and at your request. The latest update is available for download and ahead of you! By installing Idle Supermarket Tycoon on your Android tablet or Android, you can experience an entertaining arcade game with simple gameplay that will nail you to your phone for hours!

A supermarket company has just been established in the city and you are its first manager; you must try to increase its profit by providing the best service! You should build different departments in this supermarket so that customers can go to the desired department and buy what they want;

departments such as fruit, meat, vegetable, clothing, etc. are located in this supermarket! As soon as customers enter the store, you have to guide them to their destination; you must also keep up with their satisfaction and try not to get angry! If you are a fan of management games that despite having a small volume with HD graphics will undoubtedly be able to catch your eyes.


Is Idle Supermarket Tycoon Mod Apk free to download?

Yes, it is free to download. You can download Idle Supermarket Tycoon Mod Apk by clicking on the link below. We will update the app regularly so you can download the latest version of Idle Supermarket Tycoon Mod Apk from our website.

What is the age limit for using Idle Supermarket Tycoon Mod Apk?

The minimum age to play Idle Supermarket Tycoon Mod Apk is 3 years and above.

Do I need an Internet connection to play Idle Supermarket Tycoon Mod Apk?

No, you don’t need an internet connection to play Idle Supermarket Tycoon Mod Apk. You can play offline without an internet connection.

Will I lose my game progress when I update Idle Supermarket Tycoon Mod Apk?

No, you do not lose your game progress when you update Idle Supermarket Tycoon Mod Apk. However, if you uninstall the app and install it again, then you will lose your game progress. So, we suggest that you don’t uninstall it and just keep playing with the latest version of the app for a better gaming experience!

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