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Ice Scream 4 is the latest and most advanced puzzle game for mobile devices that you can now play directly on your mobile phone. It is a series of exciting and unique arcade-style puzzles that will have your head spinning from all angles.

The main character in Ice Scream 4 is the Ice Cream Man, and he will surely keep you entertained as you try and solve his different challenges all over the cities of New York and Los Angeles. This game is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys playing flash games with very nice graphics.

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The Ice Scream 4 Mod

The Ice Scream 4 mod is not like any other mod or game in that it introduces you to new enemies and some very exciting challenges. It takes you to some very dangerous situations where your every decision can either make you win or lose the battle.

In this review, I want to take a closer look at the Ice Scream 4 apk, and its free exploration features. With Ice Scream 4 you get to explore nine cities spread out across two countries, California and Russia.

Explore in Ice Scream 4

You are presented with nine cities to explore in Ice Scream 4, each with its own puzzles. The first city you visit as the Ice Cream Man is called The Factory. Here you’ll see the very first ice Scream 4 mini-games, which will give you a feel for what it’s like to be the Ice Cream Man. These are fun little short puzzles where you have to find the hidden keys within a massive amount of letters.

Hidden Object

The factory also offers two other hidden object scenes as part of Ice Scream 4, Los Angeles and New York. These are not actual mini-games in the sense that they are not puzzles where you have to find the items, rather they are just additional mini-scenes you can spend some more time exploring.

In addition to these, there are four difficulty modes which vary between easy and difficult. These are designed to be played with a single button, but you can switch between the various difficulty modes by using the left and right arrows.

Additional Cities

As you progress through Ice Scream 4 you unlock additional cities to explore. The fourth difficulty mode, Los Angeles, offers the Ice Cream Girls as unlockable characters. There are five new girls who act as distractions for the Ice Scream guys and therefore have to be handled carefully.

Plus you have to contend with their seven different magical beads, which quickly disappear and reappear if you do not keep your focus. The new addition to the game is the ice cream van, which is your vehicle, and where you store your collected ice cream.

Primary Differences

One of the primary differences between Ice Scream 4 and its previous incarnations is that the first floor is completely redesigned, it now features an ice cream kitchen, filled with delicious toppings. It also now has a moving stairway and a large red square where the first-floor sign used to be. These factors combine to make the ice scream 4 an enjoyable experience.

Number of Sounds

The Ice Scream 4 video game comes complete with a number of sounds, effects, and music tracks, which work together to create a thrilling overall picture. The mini rods are great additions to the control room too, offering both vertical and horizontal movement on the screen. The game starts with the Ice Scream troops at the front, and the objective is to guide them to the top of the factory.

Number of Obstacles

As the troops move around the factory they will encounter a number of obstacles in the form of buildings, telephones, carts, trucks, etc. Once they have moved on to the next building they must destroy all the enemy units in the way. The buildings are home to the Ice Cream Girls, and the mini rods must be avoided as they are fired at them.


The graphics are very well done, using a unique cartoon style. Some people may find some of the characters to be a bit cartoonish, especially in comparison to the other installments, but there’s really nothing to complain about in this one. The mini-arcs are well-drawn, and the enemies appear to have lifelike flesh and blood.

The Ice Scream 4 video game is a lot of fun, and it’s recommended for anyone who owns the original Ice Scream game as well as anyone who wants to have an even more challenging and fun experience when playing games on the Nintendo Wii.

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