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If you’re looking for some fantastic free arcade games on your phone, try I Want To Live. This is easily one of the top arcade games on Android. The graphics are nice and there are a lot of different ways to interact with the game. There are also quite a few achievements that will really make your brain feel good.

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I Want To Live

To download I Want To Live, tap the “I Want To Live” apk file onto your android device. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a series of icons on your screen. These include options like; add user name, change password, load I Want To Live, continue, load I Want To Live mod, and system tools.


Moving along, you’ll notice several zombies near your home, so just move over to the wall and you’ll be re-invited to play I Want To Live! To get started, simply hold down the space bar and the zombies will fall off the wall. There are various difficulty levels as well depending on your skill. Just try them out and find out just how much fun you can have.

I Want To Live full version

In addition to this, the I Want To Live full version also includes the I Want To Live wallpaper and also an I Want To Live video. There is even a I Want To Live sound effect. The video is not too bad either. The zombies are all in black and white, but when you put the video on your phone, it turns into a black and white 360 degree video.

Tech support

If there are any issues you run into, you can always send an email to Zombie Tech support. They’re very good at fixing most glitches that you might run into. However, if your issue is too severe, I’m sure they can still help. The I Want To Live mod is perfect for those who enjoy playing zombie games or other online games that require some thought behind your moves while you survive.

No advertisements

Although there are no advertisements, I’m sure if you did look around, you would notice ads popping up every now and then. This shouldn’t happen with the I Want To Live apk full version. It is a Google project and was one of their experiments to see if they could make an entertaining android application. I’m sure if they could crack the code, they could really make some great software that will be fun to use. I am just glad they tried and were able to make it.

Zombie games

If you enjoy zombie games and funny games in general, I would suggest checking out the I Want To Live version. I don’t know if there will be many people who will find this as entertaining as I did, but it’s worth a try. I don’t know if there will be many versions floating around the internet in future, but this one is worth checking out. I am sure there won’t be any negative comments when people finally get their hold of this full version of Zombie Games on the Android Market.


I Want To Live apk is a free application that you can get from the google play store. If you don’t have a phone from that company or don’t want to use their services anyhow, I don’t think this will be a big deal for you. If you like playing dead simple games or need something entertaining to do with you android phone, I definitely suggest giving it a shot. It’s a very simple program, but it packs a punch!

Live application

The I Want To Live application is very easy to use and install. I downloaded it straight from the play store and installed it on my phone. It took a few minutes for the program to boot up and install all the necessary files. After I did that I could easily turn on the computer and connect to the internet from my phone! I actually got a nice speed increase by having an internet connection.


I Want To Live is not like your run of the mill games that you will find in the mobile market. It has its own style, its own graphics and has its own level of difficulty! There are two ways to play this game: You can simply use the arrow keys to move the zombies left and right, or you can use the left and right arrows to target them with a precise pinpoint shot. I really enjoyed the little twist on the keyboard controls, as it made the game more challenging. After you score a kill, you also gain a full version of the game to play again. It’s just a great deal of fun!


This game costs $2.99 in the play store, so I don’t think it’s too expensive. I highly recommend getting the full version to play it all the time. I Want To Live is definitely one of my must haves this Christmas! I’ve been waiting for this game since it was first announced over a year ago!

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