How to Loot Pin Pull Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

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How to Loot Pin Pull – A rogue action-packed, brainteasing & addictive game for android phones. It is a puzzle-styled game where you use your intelligence against the enemy. Your mission is to steal the treasure from the enemies without letting the treasury get bankrupt. The enemies are very tough & intelligent too, so prepare yourself for real brain teasers.

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Features: This challenging pin lock game has many exciting features like unlocking the secret treasure by picking up the right pin, fighting tough opponents, and acquiring different weapons & equipment to fight them with. You can fight using a gun or use some other highly advanced tools. Thus you will definitely need all your wits and IQ to strategically pull out the right treasure.

How to Loot Pin Pull

How to Loot Pin Pull – Telegram Channel: If you are looking for an exciting game then you must try How to Loot Pin Pull. You must know about this mod since there are many users who are loving it. Moreover, many developers have also released their version of this challenging game for android devices. This mod is based on a popular messaging application called “Telegram” which is widely used in China, Russia, and India.

Draw Room Mode

You can also play this exciting game in “draw room mode” and “pin the picture” game modes. In the draw room mode, you can work with different colors to draw funny lines and pictures to make puzzles. Moreover, in the “pin the picture” game mode you can choose to draw funny pictures. In addition, in this popular “How to Loot Pin Pull” mode, you can collect different items such as poker chips, baseball bats, basketballs, golf balls, and so on.

Pin The Picture

You can use the “pin the picture” mod by downloading it from the “Google Android Market” and following the simple procedure. Just go to the Google search engine and start searching for the latest updates. Once you find the How to Loot Pin Pull mod apk file, you can download and install it on your device.

Installing The Mod

As soon as you finish installing the mod on your device, you can simply enjoy playing the mod. Moreover, if you are having a telegraph account with Facebook Connect then you should add the mod to your list of accounts that can be accessed from the “My Account” page.

Game Modes

How to Loot Pin Pull – Draw Room Mode: Another exciting game mode in this mod is the Draw Room Mode where you have to draw as many rooms as possible within the time given. The rooms that you draw first will be displayed on the game list. The players who complete the rooms will be granted the privilege of posting a photo on their walls. This can be seen by all other players even when they are not online.

Mining Mode

How to Loot Pin Pull: In addition to the Draw Room Mode, there is a Mining mode in the How to Loot Pin Pull which can be accessed by logging into the Telegram channel. You need to create an application from the Create New Application section of the “Settings” menu. Select “chemy” as the mod type and then select ” PIN” from the drop-down list.

Valid Pin Number

Use the pencil to enter a valid pin number. When you successfully created your application, the app will be published in the play store for everyone to see. To conclude, the How to Loot Pin Pull is truly one of the most popular mods in the Aion series.

How to Loot Pin Pull is one of the best mods for all gamers who are looking to improve their strategies while playing the Aion games. You can simply visit the official Aion site for more information on this mod. Another alternative is that you can look for this mod in the various gaming portals available.


The official Aion forums are also one of the most popular ways of obtaining information about the mod. Last but not the least, another excellent source of How to Loot Pin Pull is through the free modding websites that are available on the internet. You can easily find one that can guide you through this exciting mod.

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