Hotline Miami Apk [September-2022] [Mod Featurs Latest Version]

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“Hotline” Miami Apk is about brutality everywhere, and you’ll be taken into the gang of gangsters that will be the most violent group of gangsters on the planet killing human beings will be their obsession.

Hotline Miami Apk

You’ll be locked in their prison and will witness live murder and slamming into the skulls of people similar to you. You need to stay focused to be in a safe place and continue to move through each maze. Your movement must be swift.

If you do not appear in a hurry, you could be shot by the ruthless gangsters. These vicious adversaries will surround you in all directions and there is no escape route from them.

You must, however, remain alive until you can find how to get out of this bleak place. After witnessing the brutality of it all. You will also encounter the enemy in the process.

Additional Information

Name Hotline Miami
Ratings 4.7
Developed by DevolverDigital
Updated on May 3, 2022
Size 11 MB
Version Latest
Category Games
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You’ll be in a maze-like structure that can give you a difficult time getting out from there since every corner of the structure will have linking points and an interconnection, you will be in the presence of Gangsters.

When you have crossed safely any room, it will be more steps to enter the room as there are numerous interlinking tracks in the structure.

Story Mode

Hotline Miami Apk Hotline Miami Apk is based on the plot of the story where the character you play is running away from the gang of gangsters who have taken him hostage and is running away from the gangsters because those groups were extremely brutal, and they were killing each kidnapped or handcuffed victim within the building.

When you realize that you’re not there, they’ll set their men behind you in hopes that they can track you down and shoot you down, but by using strategies and finding the most suitable hiding spot, you will be able to get to safety.


The most effective way to go through and traverse any corridor or room is to double-check before you open the door. If you did this, you are less chance of danger if there is a gangster in the room.

When you are in the room, take your steps as swiftly as you possibly can. If you take this action, they won’t be able to catch you. If you move slow, they could be watching your movements and then shoot you down. Be sure to not stop without intention in your tracks while watching the murder of anyone that you may be able to catch.


Since the primary theme of the game is bloodshed everywhere, you’ll be witnessing the blood, screams, and tears of victims all over the world and it is a heartbreaking experience to be watching.


The graphics of the game are not as realistic as it can make one believe the images are taken from reality, the graphics are as simple as they can be and there is no 3D effect the game remains an enjoyment.

Modded Version

With the Modded version, you’ll receive many coins for no cost and you will unlock many stages prior to the time, so you won’t have to be patient for the unlocking at any level.

In this Modded edition, you are able to perform a number of tasks ahead of time without having by having to buy them If you wish, you can download it via the hyperlink earlier in this article to make certain.


There is no doubt that Hotline Miami Apk is simple however the most enjoyable application can play on any Android device. The graphics of the application are sure to make you hooked.

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